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Do you feel like your company's communication channels are constantly falling behind? We can help you transform your digital communication to inspire your most important audiences.

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Accessibility, relevance, and pace - there are many things to keep in mind when managing a website. We're here to help you build and maintain an outstanding website that inspires your audiences.

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Understanding your audiences' requirements and behaviours is vital if you want to stay ahead of the game. From our annual Webranking report to website analytics, we offer all the research and measurement tools you need.

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Corporate reporting

We know. Believe us. It can be difficult to strike the right balance between compliance and communication in corporate reports. By thinking digital-first, we can help you produce more inspiring reports, deliver tangible results, and empower reporting teams to achieve more each year.

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Engaging content is crucial for successful communication. At Comprend, we can help you create relevant and compelling content.

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Are you neglecting your intranet? You really shouldn't. Done well, an intranet can help enhance the productivity, efficiency and morale of your business. We can help you plan, build and maintain this vital communications channel.

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Technology advisory

Technology enables you to communicate and create compelling solutions for your audiences. We know how to seamlessly integrate it into communication processes across your organisation.

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All companies want a relevant and distinctive brand experience. The hard part is creating it. We can support you in designing a brand experience that helps you bridge that gap between brand mark, your audiences, and your company story.

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Digital corporate communications 

Overwhelmed with everything you've read so far? Let's take it from the start—and let's do it together.

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Per Bruun, Agency Director Stockholm

Per Bruun

Agency Director Stockholm


+46 73 520 63 15

James Handslip

James Handslip

Agency Director London


+44 (0)20 8609 4908

How is your site performing?

We identify the content that investors, analysts, business journalists and jobseekers want from corporate websites to help you meet their expecations. 


How effective is your annual report?

Our yearly review of 500 annual reports benchmarks and explains best practice to help you reach higher reporting standards.