Repositioning an energy company in a challenging environment

Centrica has moved away from oil and gas production and is embracing a future focused on carbon reduction and customers. To communicate their repositioning to audiences, they needed a new corporate website.

Screenshot of the Centrica website

Take a look at the new Centrica site here

A new website to reflect a changing business

Centrica is transforming into a customer and technology focused energy and services company, and has moved away from oil and gas production. However, as an energy business with a 200-year heritage, misconceptions about the company exist. A new website was identified as a critical tool to tell Centrica's story and reposition the business in the eyes of corporate audiences.

Understanding Centrica's audiences 

To better understand the business and audience requirements, we carried out stakeholder interviews, analytics reviews and we incorporated audience insights from our annual Webranking survey which is based on stakeholder expectations. We also set up a website survey to track audience perceptions.

3 mobile designs of the new Centrica website

Screenshot of the story section of the Centrica website

Screenshot of the Media landing page of the new Centrica site

Cola Herrero-Driver

Senior Consultant

+44 (0)20 8089 1581

James Handslip

Managing Director (UK)

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