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Why Continental value the Webranking Plus Report

The Webranking Report can be used in many ways and different companies use the report in different ways. That is why we decided to ask our Webranking clients about why they choose to use the Webranking Report. This is what Daniel Oestreich, Online Relations Manager at Continental has to say.

Continental is a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1871 and has its headquarters in Hanover, Germany. In 2021, Continental generated sales of €33.8 billion and currently employs more than 190 000 people in 58 countries and markets.

As a big and international company with many different target groups, it can be challenging to create content that meets the stakeholder needs as well as ensuring that the website always is up to date.

Portrait of Daniel Oestreich

That is one of the reasons why Continental choose the Webranking Plus Report as a tool to help them prioritise content, discover blind spots and get insight into their stakeholder's needs. Continental also appreciates the additional qualitative content, UX and design review made in the Plus Report, where they also get the chance to meet with us at Comprend and have a dialogue about potential improvements.

Enriching, prioritising and presenting content

Continental use the Webranking report as a tool to highlight issues that they might miss themselves, as well as a way of understanding the expectations of their target groups. The report has also helped Continental with enriching, prioritising and presenting their content better, which is something that many companies struggle with. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to create good content that meets the expectations, that is why the Webranking report can be a good tool to help you prioritise which content should be created. This is what Daniel Oestreich highlights as the main ways they use the Webranking report and how it has helped them improve their content.

How do you use the Webranking report?

"We're using the Webranking report to compare where our website is ranking in comparison to our peers but more importantly to find blind spots in our content, user journey and functionalities."

What are the most helpful aspects of the Webranking Report?

"The evaluated points are based on interviews with our target groups, which helps us to better understand their demands. The report is very detailed and well structured so our editors can easily see which criteria they meet and which need improvement."

How has the Webranking Report helped you improve your website content?

"We think that we're doing quite ok in terms of functionalities and UX already, however, sometimes content is buried within the deeper navigation but is highly relevant to our audience. The report has helped us a lot in enriching, prioritising and presenting our content better."

Discovers blind spots and sheds light on stakeholder needs

What is unique about the Webranking report is that is based on research about the needs of different stakeholder groups, every year we send out three surveys, which are the foundation of the Webranking Report.

The surveys are sent to communication professionals working with corporate communication, to the Capital Market (analysts, investors and business journalists) and to jobseekers, with the purpose of getting to know which information they expect to find on corporate websites. As Daniel mentions, website managers often only have access to the analytics about their websites' performance, but they don't know what the stakeholders expect and it thus gets hard to improve.

Why is an external ranking of your corporate website important to your team and company?

"Analytics helps us to operate the website but is not enough to anticipate our stakeholders' needs. An external evaluation helps to get a feeling of where we're standing and to discover our blind spots."

What is the main reason why you would recommend the Webranking Report?

"In my experience website managers too often only rely on analytics and very limited knowledge about stakeholders and their needs. The Webranking Report sheds more light on this matter and offers concrete steps to improve a website."

The Plus Report allows us to discuss with Comprend

In addition to the standard Webranking report, Continental also have chosen to buy the Webranking Plus Report, where additional UX, design and content reviews are made by our experts. The qualitative analysis provides companies with additional feedback and useful tips on how to improve their website content, both in the short- and long-term.

Why do you choose the Webranking Plus Report?

"The normal report already covers our industry and all relevant peers in Europe and the methodology helps us to understand our stakeholder's expectations. The Plus Report also allows us to debrief with Comprend and ask specific questions on how we can improve."

What extra value does the qualitative analysis give you?

"Analytics and our own surveys provide us with the numbers: how many users are coming to our website, how do they navigate and their overall satisfaction. However, it does not cover what it is exactly they're looking for or what their expectations are now or in the future." 

This is the Webranking Plus Report

The Webranking Report is your road map to a corporate website that lives up to your stakeholders' needs and expectations.

The Webranking report includes

  • An overview of your results in 100 criteria
  • Details of all criteria
  • In-depth criteria
  • Comments about each section
  • Best practice examples
  • Background data
  • Excel version
  • PDF version
  • Unlimited invites to your colleagues

In addition, the Plus Report includes

  • Extended design, UX and content review made by our experts
  • Qualitative comparison
  • Concrete actions, both short- and long-term
  • Presentation (online or in-person) where we discuss and answer your questions

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