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The following Swiss companies will be ranked in Webranking by Comprend 2022-2023, made in collaboration with Lundquist. Please note that additional companies might be added to the list.

See last year's Swiss results list or how we select companies. 

CompanyMain countryListsSector
ABBSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
AdeccoSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5020 Industrial Goods and Services
AlconSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
ams OSRAMSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland1010 Technology
Bachem HoldingSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
BaloiseSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3030 Insurance
Barry CallebautSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco
Belimo HoldingSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5010 Construction and Materials
ClariantSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5520 Chemicals
Credit SuisseSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3020 Financial Services
Ems-ChemieSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5520 Chemicals
GalenicaSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland4520 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores
GeberitSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5010 Construction and Materials
Georg FischerSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5020 Industrial Goods and Services
GivaudanSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5520 Chemicals
HelvetiaSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3030 Insurance
Holcim GroupSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5010 Construction and Materials
Julius BaerSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3020 Financial Services
Kuehne+Nagel InternationalSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Lindt & SpruengliSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco
LogitechSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland1010 Technology
LonzaSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
NestléSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco
NovartisSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
Partners GroupSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3020 Financial Services
PSP Swiss PropertySwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3510 Real Estate
RichemontSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland4050 Travel and Leisure
RocheSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
SchindlerSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5020 Industrial Goods and Services
SGSSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5020 Industrial Goods and Services
SiegfriedSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
SIG Combibloc GroupSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5020 Industrial Goods and Services
SikaSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5010 Construction and Materials
SonovaSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
StraumannSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
Swatch GroupSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland4020 Consumer Products and Services
Swiss LifeSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3030 Insurance
Swiss Prime SiteSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3510 Real Estate
Swiss ReSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3030 Insurance
SwisscomSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland1510 Telecommunications
TecanSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland2010 Health Care
Temenos GroupSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland1010 Technology
UBSSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3020 Financial Services
VAT GroupSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Zurich Insurance GroupSwitzerlandEurope 500,Switzerland3030 Insurance

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