Corporate reporting

Corporate reports are one of the biggest opportunities ​for companies to grab attention and set ​out their performance, positioning, and vision. Yet many fall short. It’s time companies reimagined how they report to the people that matter by having a digital-first approach. 

Reporting needs a shake up

Annual reports have been a passion of ours since we started working in corporate communication in 1996. Every year we support companies with online annual and sustainability reports and help strike a careful balance between compliance and communication. By thinking digital-first, we produce more effective and inspiring reports, deliver tangible results and empower reporting teams to achieve more each year. 

Reports are better made digital

With 74% of people reading corporate reports on a screen, we believe reporting should be digital-first. Working in a digital format ​provides a bigger toolbox to tell a compelling story. We design and create visually compelling annual reports optimised for reading on a screen. Responsive, flexible, and dynamic, we make regulatory content clear and easy to find and back it up it with links to strong evidence. Reports don’t have to be linear, we can connect the dots. ​

Understand your audience 

Audience opinions of companies and reporting are evolving rapidly in response to a volatile world. We seek stakeholder views and track how they engage with corporate reports to constantly improve our approach. By clearly understanding the people that matter most at the start of the process, we help companies focus their energy on the right things.

Website platforms 

We produce annual and sustainability reports using various platforms, including our Website as a Service platform. This includes the capability to work with content for screens and PDF documents, and the reports can be delivered as a stand-alone site that can be hosted anywhere and on any type of web server, or integrated into an existing website. 

Processes empower

We support companies with digital tools to enable the reporting process to run more smoothly and efficiently. Our tools help remove manual duplication of effort and enable seamless editing, proofing and sign-off processes. 

Make your PDF enjoyable to read

While a high-quality PDF document must be available for download, it is vital that they are easy to read on a screen as lots of PDFs are read in that format. This will make your stakeholders happy. We help companies produce PDFs that support digital reports, rather than the other way around. 

Get an outside perspective 

Comparing against your peers will help you to differentiate and sharpen your position. Every year, we review 1,000 annual reports as part of our ReportWatch service. This analysis provides insights on the quality of an annual report and will help you ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. 

Amplify your report

Creating a report is just the start, packaging and promoting good content will greatly enhance your corporate agenda and brand on internal and external channels. ​

Whether it is an editorial plan, SEO optimisation, purchased media distribution or a communication automation approach, we offer the support you need to instantly reach your audience and amplify your message. 

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