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Let's shake up your corporate reports! With a digital-first approach, we help you produce compelling reports that engage your key audiences and drive tangible results.

Why make your reports digital?

The answer is simple. 74% of people read annual and sustainability reports on a screen. And to keep these people engaged, you have to respond to their needs. Think digital-first!

How we can help you

1. Optimising design and UX

We design and create visually compelling reports that are responsive and dynamic. Optimised for reading on-screen, your report will be easy to navigate, consume, and share.

2. Engaging your key audiences

By seeking stakeholder views and tracking how they engage with digital corporate reports, we ensure your report focuses on the right things.

3. Amplifying your communication

Whether it's with an editorial plan, SEO optimisation, purchased media distribution, or communication automation, we offer the support you need to instantly reach your audience and amplify your message.

4. Using the platform that suits you best

With various platforms available—including our Website as a Service platform—we produce your report on the platform you prefer. The report can be delivered as a stand-alone site or integrated into your existing website.

5. Producing engaging PDFs

With a digital-first approach, we help you produce PDFs that support your digital report, rather than the other way around.

6. Supporting you with digital tools

Our digital tools enable seamless editing, proofing, and sign-off processes.

7. Helping you improve

Through our annual ReportWatch Service, we analyse your report based on stakeholder expectations and help you improve for next year.

Learn how we have helped Electrolux and Spendrups with their corporate reporting. 


read annual and

sustainability reports

on a screen

Choose the format of your digital report

Digital reports come in different versions. Whichever one you choose, we'll make sure it blows your audience's minds!

One pager

The One pager consists of—you guessed it— one single page that summarises the main messages of your report. It refers to the PDF version of the report for detailed content. Highlights of the One pager:

  • One page within the website
  • Highlights key messages
  • Option to download the PDF

See Hufvudstaden's One pager

Report summary

This is a condensed version of the report, with several pages to navigate. The Summary targets a wider audience than the One pager and includes more details. Highlights of the Report summary:

  • Can be integrated into your existing site or stand alone
  • Key content across multiple pages, typically strategic report content
  • Enhances message through digital content and tools
  • Option to download the PDF

See Storytel's Report summary

Full report

The complete report is created and published with a digital-first approach. A PDF is generated once the content is finalised. Highlights of the Full report:

  • Complete report, including financials
  • Allows for a more efficient work process
  • Easier to reuse the following year as it can be set as a template
  • All information is collected in one place
  • Download the PDF

See Fortnox's Full report

Get in touch

Not sure which report version that suits your company the best? Or perhaps you just want to find out more? Get in touch!

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Johan Sixtensson

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James Handslip

Agency Director London


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