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The following Swedish companies were included in Webranking 2022-2023.

See the full Swedish results list or read the analysis of the results.

CompanyMain countryListsSector
AAKSwedenSweden4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco 
AddLifeSwedenSweden2010 Health Care
Addnode GroupSwedenSweden1010 Technology
AddtechSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
AFRYSwedenSweden5010 Construction and Materials
Alfa LavalSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
ArjoSwedenSweden2010 Health Care
Assa AbloySwedenEurope 500,Sweden5010 Construction and Materials
Atlas CopcoSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Avanza BankSwedenSweden3010 Banks
AxfoodSwedenSweden4520 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores
Beijer RefSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Bilia SwedenSweden4040 Retail
BillerudKorsnäsSwedenSweden5510 Basic Resources
BiotageSwedenSweden2010 Health Care
BolidenSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5510 Basic Resources
BravidaSwedenSweden5010 Construction and Materials
Bure EquitySwedenSweden3020 Financial Services
CastellumSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3510 Real Estate
CatenaSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate
Cibus Nordic Real EstateSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate
Cint GroupSwedenSweden1010 Technology
Corem Property GroupSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate
Dometic GroupSwedenSweden4020 Consumer Products and Services
ElectroluxSwedenSweden4020 Consumer Products and Services
Electrolux ProfessionalSwedenSweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
ElektaSwedenSweden2010 Health Care
EpirocSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
EQTSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3020 Financial Services
EricssonSwedenEurope 500,Sweden1510 Telecommunications
EssitySwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Evolution Gaming GroupSwedenEurope 500,Sweden4050 Travel and Leisure
FabegeSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3510 Real Estate
Fastighets BalderSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3510 Real Estate
GetingeSwedenEurope 500,Sweden2010 Health Care
H&MSwedenEurope 500,Sweden4040 Retail
HandelsbankenSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3010 Banks
HexagonSwedenEurope 500,Sweden1010 Technology
Hexatronic GroupSwedenSweden1510 Telecommunications
HexpolSwedenSweden5510 Basic Resources
HMS NetworksSwedenSweden1510 Telecommunications
HolmenSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5510 Basic Resources
HufvudstadenSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate
HusqvarnaSwedenEurope 500,Sweden4020 Consumer Products and Services
IndustrivärdenSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3020 Financial Services
IndutradeSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
InstalcoSwedenSweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
International PetroleumSwedenSweden6010 Energy
IntrumSwedenSweden3020 Financial Services
InvestorSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3020 Financial Services
JMSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate
Kindred GroupSwedenSweden4050 Travel and Leisure
KinnevikSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3020 Financial Services
Lagercrantz GroupSwedenSweden1010 Technology
LatourSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3020 Financial Services
LifcoSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
LindabSwedenSweden5010 Construction and Materials
LoomisSwedenSweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
LundbergföretagenSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3510 Real Estate
Lundin EnergySwedenEurope 500,Sweden6010 Energy
MedicoverSwedenSweden2010 Health Care
Millicom International Cellular SwedenSweden,Luxembourg1510 Telecommunications
MIPSSwedenSweden4020 Consumer Products and Services
Modern Times Group MTGSwedenSweden4030 Media
MycronicSwedenSweden1010 Technology
NCAB GroupSwedenSweden1010 Technology
NCC SwedenSweden5010 Construction and Materials
NIBE IndustrierSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5010 Construction and Materials
NolatoSwedenSweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
NordeaSwedenEurope 500,Sweden,Finland,Denmark3010 Banks
Nordic Entertainment GroupSwedenSweden4030 Media
NordnetSwedenSweden3020 Financial Services
NyfosaSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate
PandoxSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate
PeabSwedenSweden5010 Construction and Materials
Ratos SwedenSweden3020 Financial Services
SAABSwedenSweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
SagaxSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3510 Real Estate
Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden ABSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3510 Real Estate
SandvikSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
SCASwedenEurope 500,Sweden5510 Basic Resources
SdiptechSwedenSweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
SEBSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3010 Banks
SectraSwedenSweden2010 Health Care
SecuritasSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
SinchSwedenEurope 500,Sweden1010 Technology
SkanskaSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5010 Construction and Materials
SKFSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5510 Basic Resources
SobiSwedenEurope 500,Sweden2010 Health Care
SSAB SwedenEurope 500,Sweden,Finland5510 Basic Resources
Stillfront GroupSwedenSweden4020 Consumer Products and Services
Storskogen Group ABSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3020 Financial Services
SwecoSwedenSweden5010 Construction and Materials
SwedbankSwedenEurope 500,Sweden3010 Banks
Swedish MatchSwedenEurope 500,Sweden4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco 
Tele2SwedenEurope 500,Sweden1510 Telecommunications
Telia CompanySwedenEurope 500,Sweden,Finland1510 Telecommunications
Thule GroupSwedenEurope 500,Sweden4020 Consumer Products and Services
TrelleborgSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
TruecallerSwedenSweden1010 Technology
Vitec Software GroupSwedenSweden1010 Technology
VitrolifeSwedenSweden2010 Health Care
VolvoSwedenEurope 500,Sweden5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Volvo CarsSwedenEurope 500,Sweden4010 Automobiles and Parts
WallenstamSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate
WihlborgsSwedenSweden3510 Real Estate

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