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Why Centrica value Webranking 

Webranking is a piece of stakeholder research we undertake each year to help companies understand corporate audience expectations. We're running a series of Q&As with clients to better understand how they use Webranking and what aspects they find most valuable.

First up in our Q&A series is Centrica. Huge thanks to our client Bronwyn Huband, Senior Digital Communications Manager, for her insights below: 

How do you use the Webranking report?

"The most valuable aspect from the perspective of building a website has been seeing where there are content gaps. Webranking helps guide what we should be doing and how to deliver the right user experience. It helps us provide a happy medium between the right content and a considered user experience.

Another great advantage is that it gives us an argument to go back to our internal stakeholders and explain why we think we should improve the website. It provides evidence on what we could be doing better and why, and what the outcome could be from that rather than just saying ‘We think we should be doing this’. Being able to see how we compare to what other organisations is also really helpful."

What are the most helpful aspects of the Webranking report?

"I found the overall summaries really valuable as they gave us a snapshot of where we are doing well and where we could improve."

How has the Webranking report helped you improve your website content?

"It’s given us an understanding of what content is important to have and why, where it should be positioned, changed or made more visible. It also helps us with our future planning. With Comprend’s help, we can have insightful conversations around continuous improvements. Webranking is one of the tools we use to help us get there, alongside our analytics and our HotJar survey. We really value the insight Comprend provide from the report and conversations with other stakeholders in the market."

Why do you value the Webranking report?

"It gives us a benchmark of where we are against other corporate websites, especially other websites in our industry. It also helps us make sure we’ve got all the important content and shows how transparent we’re being."

Why is an external ranking of your corporate website important to your team and company?

"It helps provide the business case for why we should have a website and it’s good to have a evidence to back up that we are doing the right things by our customers and investors etc. Webranking is the recognition that we’re doing all the right things.

We have also included our Webranking performance as a KPI for this year to increase our UK and global ranking. We want to show as a team that we are challenging ourselves to continuously improve and the only way you can do that is through evidential research, such as Webranking, that helps us make decisions. Webranking helps back up the argument for making changes and continually investing in our website."

Thank you Bronwyn for sharing your experience of the Webranking report! You can read more about Webranking here and if you would like to learn more about how your website is performing, please get in touch.

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