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Saab.com - with the audience in focus

Saab's mission is to keep people and society safe and they continuously develop, adapt and improve new technology to meet customers’ needs. In keeping with this approach, they realised they needed to overhaul their digital web estate to better meet audience requirements.

The challenge

We have a very close working relationship with Saab, who have been a client since 2013. With operations on every continent, they had several websites and one corporate website. The digital web estate had become hard to manage and less efficient. Saab wanted to reduce the number of websites and develop a more audience-focused approach. They also wanted to move their existing technical platform from on-premise to a cloud solution.


The new saab.com is an effective sales tool as it presents Saab's products and offerings within the air, land, naval and security segments in a compelling way. There is a big emphasis on visuals with high-quality images and videos, and connecting products with stories. Visitors to the site can now easily find more information to help them make a decision or learn how to get the most out of a product.

Saab's product page for Air includes a presentation of all offers within the air domain, illustrated with large, high-quality images.

Screenshots from Saab's corporate website - products


Merging the sites onto one site has also helped to reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver a more consistent brand experience for all visitors. The site is now in the cloud on Episerver DXP and Saab are delighted with the results!


Saab's career pages are illustrated with people and opportunities.

Screenshots from Saab's corporate website - careers

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