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Find out what your users want

Knowing your stakeholders means more than just looking at data. It means understanding their wants and behaviour. It means shaping your content, messages, and functionality to better meet their needs. It’s meeting them half-way and improving, together.

Webranking by Comprend, Annual Report on Annual Reports, web analytics, user studies, interviews, and surveys are some of the tools we use to help our clients achieve that.

Improve your website content with Webranking 

Webranking by Comprend identifies the content that key corporate communication target groups expect to see on your website and then helps you measure yourself against these demands.

Webranking gives you:

  • insights on what the capital market and jobseekers expect from a listed company website.
  • knowledge about what is missing from your corporate website.
  • a tool to improve.

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Get feedback on your annual report withReportWatch

Our yearly review of over 500 Annual Reports in Annual Report on Annual Reports benchmarks and explains best practices to help you reach higher reporting standards.

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Understand your audience with

Web analytics

Web analytics help you understand your audience and translate their behaviour into opportunities for growth. We can help you set up and use analytics on an ongoing basis to improve your websites, intranet and your overall communication strategy.

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User studies, interviews, and surveys

Assumptions will not do. Whether you want to verify a hypothesis or make sure your current solutions work, you need to check with actual users and you need to use the right tools to do so.

We have the tools and skills to help you find out what you don't know yet. We can carry out user studies to test your new or current website with real users, or interview your target groups - face to face, online or through surveys - and work with you to create better and more innovative solutions for your needs.

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Regardless if you are ready or not, we are. We help you get ready and drive your communication into the future.

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How is your site performing?

We identify the content that investors, analysts, business journalists and jobseekers want from corporate websites to help you meet their expecations. 


How effective is your annual report?

Our yearly review of 500 annual reports benchmarks and explains best practice to help you reach higher reporting standards.