Spain 2016-2017

Repsol conquered, as it has consistently done since the inception of the Spanish ranking, and achieved this year’s first place with 61.5 points. Retaining its position ahead of ArcelorMittal and Telefónica who placed 2nd and 3rd. Ferrovial advanced to 4th place from 5th last year and CaixaBank moved to 5th place from 10th last year after a 10-point leap. The average for the 31 companies surveyed was 38.0 points, gaining a slight progress compared with the year before.


Repsol 61,5 
ArcelorMittal  59,6 
Telefónica 56,6 
Ferrovial 53,5 
CaixaBank 49,5 
Amadeus 49,3 
Acciona 48,1 
Iberdrola 46,3 
BBVA 45,6 
10 RedEléctricadeEspaña 45,0 
11 Bankia 41,3 
12 Mapfre 39,9 
13 Gas NaturalFenosa 39,6 
14 Santander 39,2 
15 Endesa 38,1 
16 Inditex 37,9 
17 Gamesa 35,0 
18 Abertis 34,8 
19 Enagás 34,4 
20 DIA 34,3 

For more information please contact Miguel Cruz de Oliveira, Director Portugal, Spain and France, +351 919 935 833.

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