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Electrolux - smooth operations at the forefront of annual reporting

Already creating outstanding consumer experience at the forefront of sustainability, this was the year for Electrolux to scale up the ambitions of the digital annual review and sustainability report.

Electrolux: shaping living for the better

Electrolux is a leading global appliance company that has been shaping living for the better for more than 100 years. They are focused on creating outstanding consumer experiences and sell approximately 60 million household products per year.

Comprend has been working with Electrolux on their digital annual reports since 2017 and we are proud to have been yet again chosen as their partner, in competition with other agencies.

This year, we collaborated with our sister agency Hallvarsson & Halvarsson (H&H) on the assignment - four different reports, using a mix of digital and print: an Annual Review (digital), a Legal Annual Report (print/pdf), a Sustainability Report (digital), and a Sustainability in brief document (print/pdf).

Combining the right skills for the project

Annual reporting is a reoccurring challenge and given the wide array of stakeholders it involves, everything needs to be just right. All this, done on a schedule that will not budge. With all our years of experience, we can confidently say that the key to success is the right skillsets being put to work within an efficient process.

Beyond the standard challenges of annual reporting – tight schedules, numerous internal stakeholders, strict reporting rules to follow, new content to be written, making sure the correct figures are used in the right place, coherent design and functions – the focus for this year was organisation, competence, and usability:


With four different reports to manage, our delivery teams took on the challenge to act as one, collaborating and taking advantage of the synergies emerging in the project handling, as well as in design and content production. The project deliverables were coordinated by an overall project manager with extensive experience in digital corporate reporting in order to ensure the efficiency of the work process.


Uniform deliveries with content and functions suitable for print as well as digital solutions pose a challenge, which were met with additional digital competence and experience. All designs and visuals were developed by an experienced design lead supported by a digital visual designer, ensuring consistent quality both online and in print. The digital first approach also ensured usability on the web.

Using Comprend’s Website as a Service (WaaS) platform, a copy of the site from the previous year was created at an early stage to accommodate a quick start for content and design work. By working directly within the tool, Electrolux had the option for early stage text content production and publishing, complemented by an H&H/Comprend copywriter, experienced in print and web copy for annual reporting.


Regarding usability, it is recommended that the result of all this hard work is not forgotten after launch. The new Create value section was made to be used not only in the annual report, but continuously throughout Electrolux communication efforts. Rather than using a printed annual report or creating separate presentation materials, this section is used when presenting what Electrolux stands for and what you can expect when investing in the company.

Digital reports that create value

The ambitious onset of digital reporting makes us proud to present a coherent digital annual review and sustainability report, well positioned to create value for Electrolux in their digital communication.

In particular, the new Create Value section helps Electrolux show how they create value for their shareholders through a focus on innovation and cost effectiveness, in combination with a solid balance sheet.

Together is one of Comprend's lead values, and the smooth organisation and high level collaboration with Electrolux on these projects is truly one of the keys to success here at the forefront of digital reporting.

In the Annual Review we explain our strategy and how we create value for our shareholders. In order to bring the strategy to life, we have several business case stories that translates strategy to reality.

Sophie Arnius, Head of IR, Electrolux

Electrolux annual report

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