Who we are

Comprend is a strategic corporate communications consultancy.

We know how

We spend all our time thinking about, and working on, how communication can help our clients’ business and communication strategies. We have a diverse set of skills and experiences in our team, including creative, design, deep technical knowledge and subject matter specialists. We know what it means to be a listed company. We know what it is to be a global organisation. And what we don't know, we will explore together with you.

We care about what keeps you awake at night

How do I deal with a world that is constantly changing?

Do I have the right skills or enough capacity in my team?

Are we ready for our IPO?

How can I transform my annual report?

Or simply, can someone help me manage content on my website this morning?

We care deeply about our clients and have made it our mission to help you communicate better. We do this by focusing on what matters most and by always having your back. 

We've been around for a while

Since 1996 we have had the same focus on digital corporate communication. Some of our clients has been with us since the start which makes us very proud. We combine this experience with curiosity for what is new exploring trends and skills that we can use together with you. We spend a lot of time researching and identifying best practice and trends that allows us to drive your communication forward using insight and data.

Together, Creative, Committed and Proud

We are a values driven organisation where our values guide what and how we do. We believe strongly in #together as a foundation for how we do things. By including several perspectives, skills and experiences the solution to the problem will be better!

We use #creative in everything we do. Creative thinking helps us get to where we want to be quicker, and with a better outcome. We apply it across all skills and disciplines, and we apply it together with you.

We are #committed to you, to our team, to what we do. We don't let go of a challenge and we are totally invested in it.

We are #proud of what we do, the skills we have, our clients and our long history. We take great care in making sure that what we do is always something we can be proud of.

Are you ready? We are.

Learn more about our services or get in touch with us directly!


+46 8 407 22 00

Staffan Lindgren
+46 70 971 12 12


  • Sveavägen 20, PO Box 3666
    103 59 Stockholm


+44 (0)20 7336 8429

James Handslip
+44 (0)208 089 1583


  • Second Floor, 59 Lafone Street,

    Courage Yard
    London SE1 2LX
    United Kingdom

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