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We're experts, analysts, and innovators. We're the leading digital communication agency for public companies.

With a relentless focus on understanding and inspiring companies' key audiences, we work together with them to help transform and execute their digital communication.

Our belief: it's better made digital.

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We get it

Comprehend, comprender, comprendere... Comprend. Our name says it all — we get it. We get what it means to be a listed company, and what it's like trying to make a mark.

Our expertise ranges from tech, UX, and visual design to research, content and, of course, discipline-specific knowledge in fields such as Investor Relations, Sustainability, and Media Relations. Whatever expertise you need to optimise your communication and break free from the crowd, we’ve got it.

Our clients are national and international, small and large, new and old. They span various industries and are seen as leaders in their respective fields. They're ingenious, bold, and adventurous. Most importantly, they're like you.

We work with people like you

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We’ve been around for a while

The world of digital corporate communications may be new to some, but it certainly isn’t new to us. In fact, we’ve been exploring the digital space alongside our clients since 1996.

Our services cover it all: from website, intranet and social channel support to corporate reporting and branding guidance. Combining new insights and data with tried-and-tested methods, we provide you with a solid foundation to stand on whilst pushing towards new horizons. We don’t trust our guts — we look at the numbers, because that’s what brings success in the long run.

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Per Bruun, Agency Director Stockholm

Per Bruun

Agency Director Stockholm


+46 73 520 63 15

James Handslip

James Handslip

Agency Director London


+44 (0)20 8609 4908

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We identify the content that investors, analysts, business journalists and jobseekers want from corporate websites to help you meet their expecations. 


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Our yearly review of 500 annual reports benchmarks and explains best practice to help you reach higher reporting standards.