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A digital sustainability report to match Spendrups' ambitious strategy

Spendrups is a family-owned Swedish brewery with a legacy spanning over 120 years. Sustainability is at the core of the business model, and their ambition is to have fossil-free production and transport by 2025. Spendrups needed a digital-first sustainability report that reflected their commitment and achievements.

An ambitious sustainability agenda requires ambitious communication

Spendrups is a Swedish brewery that has an exciting sustainability story to tell. Their agenda includes implementing a circular and smart use and re-use of resources, promoting a healthy drinking culture with the expansion of their sugar-free and non-alcoholic options, and having fossil-free production and transport by 2025.

Spendrups realised that their communication needed to match the ambition of their sustainability agenda. They wanted to raise awareness among customers and industry stakeholders, and to inspire their employees. The sustainability report was identified as a key asset to help them tell their story in a more effective way and engage audiences. This year they turned to us for help with their digital report.

A collaborative approach

The digital sustainability report is a result of Comprend's close collaboration with Spendrups and three of our sister agencies in H&H Group. The creative masterminds at Jung developed the overall design concept, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson produced the written content in a tone of voice that accurately represents Spendrups' innovative work, and Creo did an excellent job of capturing on film the people and personalities behind the brand. Comprend made the whole production come together in an easy-to-consume digital format, using our Website as a Service-platform.

Catering to different audiences

The result is a digital-first sustainability report that is modern, accessible and user-friendly in its design and structure. The report communicates Spendrups' approach and achievements in a compelling way. The content is easy to understand for different audiences and the mix of copy, infographics and video material provides a digestible and enjoyable read. All material created for the report can be repackaged and distributed on social channels to amplify the story.

Spendrups' digital sustainability report provides a communication platform that reflects their ambitions and inspires their audiences.

Visit Spendrups' Sustainability Report 2020 (Please note, the report is in Swedish)

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