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Webranking Report

Discover the comprehensive insights, tailored recommendations, and simplified content work provided by the Webranking Report. The user-friendly online report will help you gain a deep understanding of your corporate website's performance and bridge the gap between stakeholder expectations and your current content.

What is Webranking?

Understanding what stakeholder groups such as capital market professionals (e.g. analysts, investors, business journalists) and jobseekers want from companies in their digital communication is at the heart of Webranking.

We have been evaluating the corporate websites of Europe’s listed companies since 1997 and Webranking is the only website ranking based on stakeholder expectations.
It provides a comprehensive evaluation of your corporate website, offering insights into what stakeholders truly want to see.

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This is the Webranking Report

The Webranking Report is an online tool featuring 50 core criteria and 50 in-depth criteria. Buying the report gives you full access to this information - the Webranking Report allows you to check your results, view the survey criteria and data, compare your performance against selected peers, and much more.

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Unparalleled insights

Gain access to a wealth of information about how well your website meets stakeholder expectations. The report provides detailed criteria and data, enabling you to identify specific areas for improvement.

"Due to the thorough surveys conducted by Comprend prior to shaping the criteria of the report, we get unique insights into our key stakeholders’ expectations and the challenges they – and to some extent society – are facing here and now."

Screenshot from the Webranking Report: details of a criterion

Tailored recommendations

Receive actionable recommendations to enhance your website's effectiveness. The Webranking Report helps you bridge the gap between stakeholder expectations and your current website content in areas such as Sustainability, Investor Relations, Governance, About Us, Reporting, Press, Careers and Features and Functionalities.

"It’s applicable from the moment of publication as the analysing and conclusions have already been done so that you can start working on your improvements right away. The report has also given us a strong foundation for putting our website on the internal agenda and showcasing the work that goes into maintaining a corporate website."

Simplify your content work

The Webranking report provides you with a prioritised, step-by-step task list to improve the content on your website, saving you a lot of time and resources.

"The “How to improve” section is fantastic as it provides us with a full list of opportunities for us to improve, and the scores help us prioritise and plan our efforts. The time we save due to this is incredible."

Gain inspiration and competitive edge

Compare your website's performance against three peers of your choice. By benchmarking yourself against other companies in e.g., your county or industry, you can uncover untapped opportunities and gain new ideas and inspiration.

"In addition to new learnings, it facilitates a structured way of working with the development of content. It also encourages us to get inspired from other companies’ websites."

Stay up-to-date with trends

In addition to giving you recommendations on how to improve your corporate website content, the Webranking report is also a tool to help you stay up-to-date with digital corporate communication trends.

"What I really like about this report is that it’s not only a performance report. It’s also a trend report, strategic guidance and action plan all in one."

"We primarily use it as a source of information to keep up to date with stakeholder expectations on corporate websites. By combining surveys on our website with the report, we get a more comprehensive understanding of the increasing requirements."

What's included?

This is what's included in the Webranking online report:

An overview of your results in 100 criteria

Gain an in-depth understanding of your corporate website's performance across 10 sections, including Homepage, About Us, Investor Relations, Press, Reporting, Sustainability, Governance, Careers and Features and Functionalities.

With a comprehensive evaluation of approximately 400 measure points, the report offers a granular review of your website's content.

Details of all criteria

Each criterion is clearly defined and described making it clear what information is required. Multiple subitems are also often included. In the report, you do not only receive your score but also have the opportunity to compare it with up to three selected peers, which allows you to be inspired by others.

Best practice examples

Designed for user-friendliness, the Webranking Report goes beyond just highlighting your results for each of the 100 criteria. It explains the significance of each criterion, identifies missing or amendable information, and provides best practice examples.

These examples are accompanied by informative screenshots and relevant links, enabling you to visualise how the content could be implemented on your website.

Additional resources

In addition to the core features, the Webranking Report grants you access to supplementary resources. Dive into the background data derived from our surveys, leverage the convenient "How to improve" list that consolidates all missing content, and explore result lists categorised both by country and section.

Tailored formats

We understand your preferences. The Webranking Report is available both as an interactive online tool and as a downloadable PDF and Excel, allowing you to choose the format that best suits you and your colleagues' needs. You can also extend access to as many colleagues as you like, facilitating collaborative efforts and ensuring widespread engagement.

The Excel file can enable seamless collaboration within your organisation. Use the Excel file to add your own comments, assign responsibilities, and categorise tasks related to design, development, and more.

What our clients say

Find out why some of our clients value the Webranking report:



Chr. Hansen 


Report types 

Plan Information



Criteria and results - Definitions and weightYesYes
Detailed data from background research surveysYesYes
Best practice examplesYesYes
PDF and Excel versionsYesYes
Evaluation of your websiteYesYes
Benchmark analysis - Your website compared with 3 selected peersYesYes
Qualitative UX and content reviews made by our experts-Yes
Presentation -Yes

6 500 EUR / 65 000 SEK

11 500 EUR / 115 000 SEK

The Plus Report

Elevate your analytical experience with the Webranking Plus Report, an all-inclusive package that not only encompasses the attributes of the Standard Report but also introduces a qualitative analysis conducted by our experts. This evaluation probes into the realms of UX, content, and design on your website, affording insights of substantial significance to enhance your digital presence. The Plus Report can be adapted to your needs and interests, and could also focus on areas such as brand and SEO. 

The format of delivery is as a PowerPoint presentation with screenshots, links and explanations as well as a 2 hour presentation with our experts present. 

Examples of covered topics in a Plus Report:

  • Content review: Content structure, content hierarchy, tone of voice, UX-writing, imagery and visual elements, consistency and overall perception.
  • UX review: Consistency and standards, user control and freedom, flexibility and efficiency of use, help and documentation, accessibility (keyboard navigation etc.).

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