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In April 2022, Comprend was tasked to create a new web platform for OX2, a renewable energy developer. The project aimed to merge their various web platforms into one while also implementing a new CMS and improving user experience. The first version was launched in November 2022, followed by a redesign in February 2023. Through collaboration and expertise, we were able to create an effective web platform.

How it started

OX2 offers renewable energy solutions at scale. The company has a presence in 11 countries in Europe. OX2 has been working with our sister agencies, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson and Jung to create their annual reports for years. They were now looking for an agency that could help them with a fast-paced web project that would unite all their previous web platforms and corporate communication into one easy-to-use solution.

Having websites that reflect who we are and what we do as a company and allow us to communicate with international and local stakeholders is key to us.

Niklas Franck, Communications Director at OX2

It all started with OX2 having outgrown their previous web structure and how the platform worked: the pre-sets were locked and didn’t offer the flexibility necessary for a multi-purpose platform. The separate web platforms felt limited, and OX2 needed external help to maintain them. Having gone public in 2021, OX2 was in a growth phase that required adaptability. Great corporate web communication was more important than ever before.

The process

The two main challenges with the project were:

  1. To implement a new CMS
  2. To manage a great merge, gathering everything on one website in a clear and well-structured way

OX2 was also in the starting pit of a new brand profile, creating an even bigger challenge for the Comprend team. There were many ways to take on the project, and the right way the complexity of the project was solved with a three-step rocket:

  1. Feasibility study to determine which platform was best suited
  2. Migration of websites to a new platform
  3. Redesign after OX2 launched a new brand profille

"2022 was a busy year for OX2. We entered a number of new markets, we rebranded, and our listing moved to Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap, all with more visibility and need for communication as a result. " 

Niklas Franck, Communications Director OX2.

By conducting interviews with internal stakeholders, including their external local agencies working with the website, collecting insights from competitors and investigating and evaluating the needs and requirements for OX2’s web communication, the project team created a list of recommendations. OX2 could then select the platform they found the most suitable based on their objectives.

Website as a Service

Website as a Service (WaaS) is our subscription-based way of taking care of our clients’ websites. Since the WaaS solution offers all the advantages that OX2 initially sought, the platform became the chosen CMS within this scope.

The benefits of WaaS are many. It includes strategic responsibility, it’s subscription-based and cost-efficient, and it includes service updates and continuous improvements.​

Since OX2 also requested a solution that serves all different areas (B2B and B2C, Investor Relations related content, and so on), WaaS is a good option with a lot of flexibility. The WaaS solution offers best-practice corporate communication support based on Webranking, our annual survey of corporate websites.​ It’s stable and secure, monitoring for security, vulnerabilities and performance​.

One of OX2’s main challenges was to present projects in different languages for different markets on their new website. Previously, the editors needed to update projects from different parts of the web. There was no clear structure in the editor mode on how to easily adjust key data in all languages without affecting important insights and numbers. This was another reason why WaaS was the best option. The WaaS CMS offers a faster time to market with new functions and features​ and, most importantly, multi-language management tools. These tools would help the editors to work more efficiently with updates on the website.

In addition, WaaS is delivered with support from a dedicated team of corporate and website communication experts​.

"The new OX2 platform is focused and structured for the editors and allows them to be more independent and maintain a healthy information architecture. They have a more refined and more direct communication channel to their audience."

Anne Burkart, project manager and editorial consultant at Comprend.

Screenshot of OX2's website

UX focus

A merge also requires an impeccable structure. Therefore, developing a clear navigation and user experience (UX) was an important part of this project. Our team presented other best-practice examples of UX and found key insights together with the client on how the navigation would suit OX2’s multiplatform the best.

The project approach was to:

  1. Clarify the structure of the different websites and evaluate if the global and corporate websites should be merged.
  2. Verify this structure with the different markets​ and thereafter move to the WaaS platform to secure easy administration for editors.​
  3. Migrate all content from the existing websites.

Since OX2 also were planning on updating the brand design but had not started the work yet, the project team launched version 1 of the website in November 2022. Together it was agreed that a redesign project with the new design, functions and features would come as a later step in the process. In the final step in February 2023, the design work was implemented into the new site.

All in all, thanks to a great collaboration with the OX2 brand team and our user experience expertise, it was possible to create something coherent together. 

"We are very pleased with our new corporate and market websites and the help and guidance Comprend has provided along the way." 

Nicklas Franck, Communications Director at OX2.

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