Webranking by Comprend 2022-2023

Understanding what the capital market and jobseekers want from companies in their digital communication is at the heart of Webranking. To keep up to date with what they want, we ask them the same question every year: what information do you expect from corporate websites?

Based on input from these target groups we define 50 core criteria that we use for evaluation of the largest companies in Europe. The results will be published country by country during the autumn 2022. 

Insights from our surveys

Company lists

The largest companies in Europe, based on market cap, are automatically included in the ranking. 

Helena Wennergren

Helena Wennergren

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John Lovell

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Magnus Frisk

New Business Director & Development


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How is your site performing?

We identify the content that investors, analysts, business journalists and jobseekers want from corporate websites to help you meet their expecations. 


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Our yearly review of 500 annual reports benchmarks and explains best practice to help you reach higher reporting standards.