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Established in 1997, Webranking is Europe’s leading survey of corporate websites and the only global ranking that is based on stakeholder expectations.

We get corporate audiences talking. Every year, we ask them about their wants, needs, and expectations and use that conversation as the basis for the Webranking criteria. This way, the ranking reflects genuine stakeholder concerns.

The Webranking season

The Webranking season starts with a research phase at the beginning of every year. This is when we dive deep into stakeholder motivations and expectations and work on building our Webranking framework.

Once we have identified the criteria, companies are ranked all through the summer and the data we collect is analysed and presented during the second half of the year.

Read more about our findings:

Webranking 2020-2021

Explore the past year's results: 

2019-2020  |  2018-2019  |  2017-2018  |  2016-2017  |  2015-2016 

Person holding an iPad with the Webranking Report

The Webranking Report

The Webranking Report is the crux of our research: a tool that pinpoints areas for improvement on your corporate website and puts you in control of your communication.


The Webranking Report

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Regardless if you are ready or not, we are. We help you get ready and drive your communication into the future.

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