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Did you know that Webranking is Europe’s leading survey of corporate websites? More importantly, it's the only website ranking based on stakeholder expectations.

At Comprend, we have a relentless focus on helping our clients inspire their key audiences. Every year since 1997, we have asked stakeholders what they expect from a corporate website. Their answers are used to formulate the criteria by which your website is assessed.

Don't trust your gut. Look at the numbers instead.

Put simply, the Webranking Report is a tool used to pinpoint areas for improvement on your website. It articulates a set of criteria that reflect what corporate audiences such as investors, journalists, and jobseekers expect to see on a website like yours'. Your score in the report will depend on how many of these criteria are fulfilled.

As fun as it may be to compete, the purpose of webranking is not the score alone—it's what the score represents. Is there any information missing from your website? Is the information clearly presented? By answering these questions for you, the Webranking Report allows you to improve your website so that it meets your audiences' needs.

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Webranking 2023-2024

The Webranking season starts with a research phase at the beginning of the year. This is when we dive deep into the minds of investors, journalists, and jobseekers to find out what they expect from a corporate website.

Once we have built our Webranking framework and articulated the criteria, companies are ranked all through summer. The most exciting part comes during the second half of the year, when we analyse and present the collected data.

Explore the Webranking 2023-2024 season

You can also check results from previous years or go to the results hub.

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The Webranking Report

The Webranking Report is the crux of our research: a tool that pinpoints areas for improvement on your corporate website and puts you in control of your communication.

The Webranking Report

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