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The following Italian companies will be included in Webranking by Comprend 2021-2022, in collaboration with Lundquist.

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CompanyMain countryListsSector
A2AItalyItaly 6510 Utilities
AceaItalyItaly 6510 Utilities
Acsm-AgamItalyItaly 6510 Utilities
Aeroporto Marconi di BolognaItalyItaly 4050 Travel and Leisure
AlerionItalyItaly 6510 Utilities
AmplifonItalyEurope 500, Italy2010 Health Care
AquafilItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
AscopiaveItalyItaly 6010 Energy
AtlantiaItalyEurope 500, Italy5020 Industrial Goods and Services
AutogrillItalyItaly 4050 Travel and Leisure
AzimutItalyItaly 3020 Financial Services
B.F.ItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Banca FarmafactoringItalyItaly 3020 Financial Services
Banca GeneraliItalyItaly 3010 Banks
Banca IfisItalyItaly 3020 Financial Services
Banca MediolanumItalyItaly 3020 Financial Services
Banca Monte dei Paschi di SienaItalyItaly 3010 Banks
Banca Popolare di SondrioItalyItaly 3010 Banks
Banca ProfiloItalyItaly 3010 Banks
Banca SistemaItalyItaly 3010 Banks
Banco BpmItalyEurope 500, Italy3010 Banks
BB BiotechItalyItaly 3020 Financial Services
BPER BancaItalyItaly 3010 Banks
BremboItalyItaly 4010 Automobiles and Parts
Brunello CucinelliItalyItaly 4020 Consumer Products and Services
Buzzi UnicemItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 
Campari GroupItalyEurope 500, Italy4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco 
CAREL IndustriesItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 
CementirItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 
CIRItalyItaly 4010 Automobiles and Parts
CNH IndustrialItalyEurope 500, Italy5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Coima ResItalyItaly 3510 Real Estate
CovivioFranceEurope 500, France, Italy3510 Real Estate
CredemItalyItaly 3010 Banks
Danieli & C.ItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
DatalogicItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
De'LonghiItalyItaly 4020 Consumer Products and Services
DiasorinItalyEurope 500, Italy2010 Health Care
doValueItalyItaly 3020 Financial Services
El EnItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
ENAVItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
EnelItalyEurope 500, Italy6510 Utilities
EniItalyEurope 500, Italy6010 Energy
ERGItalyItaly 6510 Utilities
EsprinetItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
ExorItalyEurope 500,  Italy3020 Financial Services
Falck RenewablesItalyItaly 6010 Energy
FerrariItalyEurope 500, Italy4010 Automobiles and Parts
FincantieriItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
FinecobankItalyEurope 500, Italy3010 Banks
Garofalo Health CareItalyItaly 2010 Health Care
GeneraliItalyEurope 500, Italy3030 Insurance
GVSItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Hera GroupItalyItaly 6510 Utilities
IGDItalyItaly 3510 Real Estate
Illimity BankItalyItaly3010 Banks
InterpumpItalyEurope 500, Italy5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Intesa SanpaoloItalyEurope 500, Italy3010 Banks
InwitItalyItaly 1510 Telecommunications
IrenItalyItaly 6510 Utilities
ItalgasItalyItaly 6510 Utilities
ItalmobiliareItalyItaly 3020 Financial Services
Juventus FCItalyItaly 4050 Travel and Leisure
La Doria GroupItalyItaly 4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco
LeonardoItalyItaly 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Maire TecnimontItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 
MarrItalyItaly 4520 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores
MediasetItalyItaly 4030 Media
MediobancaItalyEurope 500, Italy3020 Financial Services
MonclerItalyEurope 500, Italy4020 Consumer Products and Services
MondadoriItalyItaly 4030 Media
Newlat FoodItalyItaly 4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco
NexiItalyEurope 500, Italy5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Orsero GroupItalyItaly 4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco
PhilogenItalyItaly 2010 Health Care
Piaggio GroupItalyItaly 4010 Automobiles and Parts
PirelliItalyItaly4010 Automobiles and Parts
Poste ItalianeItalyEurope 500, Italy3030 Insurance
PradaItalyItaly 4020 Consumer Products and Services
PrysmianItalyEurope 500, Italy5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Rai WayItalyItaly 4030 Media
Rcs MediagroupItalyItaly 4030 Media
RDM GroupItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 
RecordatiItalyEurope 500, Italy2010 Health Care
Roma ASItalyItaly 4050 Travel and Leisure
Saes GettersItalyItaly5020 Industrial Goods and Services
Safilo GroupItalyItaly 4020 Consumer Products and Services
SaipemItalyItaly 6010 Energy
Salcef GroupItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 
Salvatore FerragamoItalyItaly 4020 Consumer Products and Services
SanlorenzoItalyItaly 4040 Retail
SarasItalyItaly 6010 Energy
SecoItalyItaly 1010 Technology
SeSAItalyItaly 1010 Technology
SnamItalyEurope 500, Italy6010 Energy
Sol GroupItalyItaly 5520 Chemicals
SomecItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 
StellantisItalyEurope 500, Italy, France, Netherlands4010 Automobiles and Parts
STMicroelectronicsItalyEurope 500, Italy1010 Technology
TechnogymItalyItaly 4020 Consumer Products and Services
Telecom ItaliaItalyEurope 500,  Italy1510 Telecommunications
TenarisItalyEurope 500,  Italy6010 Energy
TernaItalyEurope 500,  Italy6510 Utilities
The Italian Sea ItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 
TinextaItalyItaly 3020 Financial Services
Tod'sItalyItaly 4020 Consumer Products and Services
UnicreditItalyEurope 500,  Italy3010 Banks
UnieuroItalyItaly 1010 Technology
UnipolItalyItaly 3030 Insurance
UnipolSaiItalyItaly 3030 Insurance
WebuildItalyItaly 5010 Construction and Materials 

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