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Why Chr. Hansen value the Webranking Report

The Webranking Report is used in many different ways by a lot of different companies. That is why we decided to ask our Webranking clients about what value the Webranking report gives them. This is what Mette Christiansen, Digital Communications Specialist at Chr. Hansen has to say about how her team use the report. 

Chr. Hansen is a global, differentiated bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

The company is a supplier of food cultures, probiotics, enzymes and natural colors

Chr. Hansen had revenue of 1 billion EUR and 3700 employees in 2020.

The headquarters are located in Denmark.

Helps nurture internal collaboration and has given us a common language

At Chr. Hansen, the team uses the Webranking report as a practical guide to help prioritise which areas of the websites need to be improved. Mette Christiansen also highlights the internal communication aspect of the report, where she thinks that the Webranking report has given them a common language for talking about the website. 

"We use the Webranking report as a practical guide in prioritising which areas of the website we need to improve. Each year after the Webranking report is published, we evaluate our performance, seek out the potential for improvement and contact our internal stakeholders and content owners to get them on board with our plans."

She also mentions that the report has given them a common goal to work together towards and that they have fun while doing it. She thinks it helps them collaborate better when it comes to improving the website.

"The prospect of being able to achieve a perfect score awakens a competitive spirit and makes the process really fun. It’s not just another item on the to-do list, it becomes a competition that requires a team effort. In this way, the report is also a great tool to nurture collaboration with our colleagues while improving the website."

Additionally, Mette says that the Webranking report is a great tool to help them stay up to date with the latest trends and the target groups' expectations.

"It is also a great tool to stay up to date with the latest website trends and important agendas of listed companies. It provides us with valuable insights into our target audiences’ requirements and behaviours, which is vital for us to stay ahead of the game and differentiate ourselves from our competitors."

The scores help us prioritise and plan our efforts

Mette especially appreciates the "How to improve" and "Historical overview" sections of the report, as well as the best practice examples.

"The “How to improve” section is fantastic as it provides us with a full list of opportunities for us to improve, and the scores help us prioritise and plan our efforts. The time we save due to this is incredible. Also, the “Historical overview” is great for measuring the effect of our improvements, and the best practice examples from different websites that are doing really well within a certain Webranking criterion is great for inspiration."

Unique insights into our stakeholder's expectations

The three surveys we conduct every year, which is the foundation of the Webranking Report, give Chr. Hansen unique insight into both stakeholder expectations and general trends in society.

"Due to the thorough surveys conducted by Comprend prior to shaping the criteria of the report, we get unique insights into our key stakeholders’ expectations and the challenges they – and to some extent society – are facing here and now. We try to anticipate the demands of our stakeholders as the world changes, but it’s comforting to know that if we have content gaps or in other ways don’t meet the demands of our stakeholders, the Webranking report will not only tell us but provide us with clear instructions on how to fix it."

A trend report, strategic guidance and action plan all in one

When it comes to the features of the Webranking report, Mette appreciates that it is more than just a performance report, it also gives strategic guidance and tips on concrete actions to improve. She thinks that it is easy to apply the report to concrete action and to start working on improvements as soon as you receive the report.

"What I really like about this report is that it’s not only a performance report. It’s also a trend report, strategic guidance and action plan all in one. It’s applicable from the moment of publication as the analysing and conclusions have already been done so that you can start working on your improvements right away. The report has given us a strong foundation for putting our website on the internal agenda and showcasing the work that goes into maintaining a corporate website."

The Webranking Report provides us with benchmarks

Since Chr. Hansens's website is their face to the outside world, it is important for them to make sure that they make a good impression both in terms of content and functionality. The Webranking report is key to helping Chr. Hansen achieve this.

"Our website is Chr. Hansen’s face to the outside world. We have a lot of new visitors every day, so making a good first impression is crucial, and having great content and functionality is key to make visitors want to return. The report is paramount for us to achieve this."

"The Webranking report provides us with benchmarks of how we are doing compared to our peers and other global, listed companies, and we can use this as proof points towards the organization and management in our efforts to offer a quality website to our visitors. Chr. Hansen’s ranking as number one in Denmark for the past three years has built a sense of pride in the company and has helped communicate the important role our website is playing in our communication with customers and the market."

A fun way of working with your website while saving you time and resources

The main reasons why Mette would recommend using the Webranking report are that it is a fun tool where you can clearly see the results of your efforts, and that it creates a good foundation for talking about the website with internal stakeholders.

"It's a really fun way of working with your website, almost like gamification, and you can clearly see the fruits of your efforts year on year in the online report, which is very satisfying. The report provides you with a prioritized, step-by-step task list to improve your website, saving you a lot of time and resources.

Secondly, the report provides a great foundation for dialogue with internal stakeholders due to the report also being a practical guide with concrete suggestions for improvement. Lastly, the report keeps you up-to-date with the latest website trends and expectations from key stakeholders, which is crucial to providing a high-quality website."

This is the Webranking report

The Webranking Report is your road map to a corporate website that lives up to your stakeholders' needs and expectations.

The Webranking report includes

  • An overview of your results in 100 criteria
  • Details of all criteria
  • In-depth criteria
  • Comments about each section
  • Best practice examples
  • Background data
  • Unlimited invites to your colleagues across the organisation
  • Excel version
  • PDF version

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