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How Sandvik use the Webranking Report

Discovering the most effective methods to enhance your corporate website can be a challenging task, which is why many companies turn to the Webranking Report for guidance. To gain a better understanding of the benefits of the report, we reached out to some of our clients. Edvard Bergström, Vice President Corporate Communication, and Anki Hallman, Channel Specialist and Web Editor at Sandvik share their experience of how they use the Webranking Report to improve their corporate website.

Sandvik is a Swedish engineering group that specialises in providing equipment, tools, services, and solutions for the mining, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries.

Founded in 1862, Sandvik has since expanded their operations and has a strong worldwide presence with sales in about 150 countries. In 2022 the company had revenues of approx. 10 billion EUR and 40 000 employees. 

In the 2022-2023 Webranking edition, Sandvik was the best-performing Swedish company, achieving an impressive score of 82.1 points.

A portrait of Edvard Bergström and Anki Hallman at Sandvik.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder expectations

The Webranking Report is a valuable tool that helps companies stay informed about the evolving expectations of their stakeholders concerning their corporate websites. To maximize the benefits of the report, companies such as Sandvik often combine the survey results from their websites with the information provided in the report.

By carefully reviewing the report, companies can identify the criteria they can meet and the areas where they may fall short. This allows them to focus their efforts on improving the aspects of their website that are most important to their stakeholders.

In this way, the Webranking Report provides a comprehensive overview of the factors contributing to a successful corporate website and helps companies stay competitive in the digital age.

How do you use the Webranking Report?

"We primarily use it as a source of information to keep up to date with stakeholder expectations on corporate websites. By combining surveys on our website with the report, we get a more comprehensive understanding of the increasing requirements. We go through the report thoroughly and judge which criteria we want and can fulfil and which we cannot or decide not to meet. We focus not only on the core criteria, but also on the in-depth items we find most relevant to work on."

The "How to improve" section and Excel file help us keep track of improvements

The Webranking Report offers a lot of valuable information and insights for companies seeking to improve their corporate websites and stay ahead of the competition. Among the many features of the report, there are a few that Sandvik thinks stand out as particularly helpful.

What are the most helpful features of the Webranking Report?

"The report contains several good features, such as the section “How to improve” that really gives us a good overview of the various areas for improvement. The Excel file is also a good tool for keeping track on the progress of our work with improvements."

The "How to improve" section provides a detailed analysis of the various areas where companies can improve their website. This section offers specific recommendations and actionable steps that can be taken to enhance the website's content and performance.

Another useful feature of the Webranking Report is the Excel file accompanying it. This tool allows companies to easily track their progress as they implement the recommended improvements and make other changes to their website. By using the Excel file, companies can quickly and easily monitor their progress over time and make adjustments to ensure that they meet their goals.

Stay up-to-date with changing expectations

As companies continue to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices, and stakeholder expectations is essential.

By providing detailed analysis and insights on various aspects of corporate websites, the report can help companies identify areas where they need to improve and stay ahead of the competition.

How has the Webranking Report helped you improve your website content?

"We have got more insights on the requirements on all sections of the website as well as on some of the common features. Something that we find particularly interesting is to follow how certain requirements can change over time."

A structured way of working with content improvements

The Webranking Report can offer your team many benefits. Not only does it provide valuable insights and new knowledge, but it also enables a structured approach to content development. Moreover, it provides inspiration from other companies' websites, encouraging innovation and creativity.

What value does the Webranking Report bring you and your team?

"In addition to new learnings, it facilitates a structured way of working with the development of content. It also encourages us to get inspired from other companies’ websites."

Encourage your team and motivate improvements

In today's highly competitive business world, maintaining an effective corporate website is essential for success. By improving your score over time, you can gain confirmation that your efforts are moving in the right direction and that your team is making a positive impact.

Moreover, receiving an external acknowledgement of your achievements is highly motivating and can provide valuable recognition for your hard work.

Why is an external ranking of your corporate website important to your team and company?

"During the years when we have improved our score, I would say it is primarily a confirmation that we are working in the right direction. For example, we are very pleased to see how our score has improved for Sustainability as this is one of our strategic focus areas. Maintaining a website is a lot of work and far from all efforts are visible on the site. Getting an external acknowledgement that the work has made an impact means a lot to us."

Tailoring your content to meet stakeholder requirements

When it comes to maintaining a successful website, understanding your stakeholders' requirements is critical. By using the Webranking Report, you can ensure that your website meets their needs and provides a positive user experience. You can gain valuable insights into your stakeholders' expectations and requirements, allowing you to tailor your content and website accordingly.

Additionally, the Webranking Report provides a structured approach to working on content improvements, helping you to focus your efforts and achieve your goals more effectively.

What is the main reason why you would recommend the Webranking Report?

"It contributes strongly to the understanding of stakeholders’ requirements, and it is a good tool for working with content improvements on a detailed level and in a structured way."

This is the Webranking Report

The Webranking Report is your roadmap to a corporate website that lives up to your stakeholders' needs and expectations.

The Webranking Report includes

  • An overview of your results in 100 criteria
  • Details of all criteria
  • In-depth criteria
  • Comments about each section
  • Best practice examples
  • Background data
  • Unlimited invites to your colleagues across the organisation
  • Excel version
  • PDF version

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