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February 23, 2021 News

Website launch: iBoxen

February 18, 2021 News

New website launch: Highmetric

November 02, 2020 News

Major design updates make ekonomifakta.se more user friendly

October 22, 2020 News

New website for Saab

October 02, 2020 News

New website for Pandox

September 28, 2020 News

New site launch: William Hill

September 14, 2020 News

Kinnevik and Electrolux nominated for the Swedish Design Prize

August 31, 2020 News

AR on AR 2020 released

August 17, 2020 News

Comprend's new address in Stockholm

May 15, 2020 News

Spendrups' digital sustainability report goes live

April 30, 2020 News

New site launch: Aerogel

April 08, 2020 Websites, Intranets, News

Overcoming communication challenges during coronavirus

April 06, 2020 News

What we learned from participating in “Hack the Crisis”

April 01, 2020 News

Comprend acquires ReportWatch

March 16, 2020 News

Do you need a hand?

February 28, 2020 News, Annual Reports

Electrolux Annual Review - Designed to be read

February 14, 2020 News

Our clients win three Corporate Content Awards

January 25, 2020 News

Comprend shortlisted for 3 Corporate Content Awards

December 20, 2019 News

Happy holidays!

December 11, 2019 News

New site launch: Lindex Group

November 07, 2019 News

Hufvudstaden, Electrolux and Ericsson winners of prestigious awards

October 24, 2019 News

New site launch: Spirit Energy

October 08, 2019 News

New collaboration: Cision and Comprend

September 25, 2019 News

Come and meet us at Episerver Ascend 2019

September 13, 2019 News

New site launch: Centrica.com

August 28, 2019 News

Hufvudstaden and Electrolux nominated for the Swedish Design Prize and the Publishing Prize

July 02, 2019 News

Comprend, Agency of the Year

May 23, 2019 News

H&H Group Nordic Consultancy of the year

May 03, 2019 News

H&H Group the 39th largest PR agency in the world

March 12, 2019 News

In great shape for 2019

March 08, 2019 News

A woman’s journey and fight for education

March 06, 2019 Webranking, News

Russian websites - technically good but lack IR content

February 28, 2019 Webranking, News

Global 100 fall behind in providing content for the capital market

January 25, 2019 Webranking, News

Erste Group, Wienerberger and Vienna Insurance Group top the Austrian podium

January 22, 2019 Websites, Webranking, News, Digital communications, Content

Comprend's most read articles 2018

January 14, 2019 News, Webranking

Dutch tax policies best in Europe - financial targets are missing

January 09, 2019 Webranking, News

The Belgians: improving diversity – future thoughts are missing

January 02, 2019 Webranking, News

Swisscom, Sonova and Sika top the Swiss podium

December 19, 2018 Webranking, News

Christmas, a time for caring and sharing

December 13, 2018 Webranking, News

Increasing complexity on European websites

December 11, 2018 Webranking, News

Germany provides more data and the IR focus is shifting

December 10, 2018 Webranking, News

French companies provide history, now need to talk about the future

December 07, 2018 Webranking, News

Spain clarifies sustainability - jobseekers and investors lack information

November 26, 2018 News, Webranking

Norwegian companies still struggle with IR and Careers

November 26, 2018 News, Webranking

Danes have reporting covered, but IR and press lags behind

November 14, 2018 Webranking, News

UK companies still struggle with website content for corporate audiences

November 12, 2018 Webranking, News

Eni, Gruppo Hera and Snam top the Italian podium

November 07, 2018 Webranking, News

Swedish companies increasingly better at sustainability comms

October 02, 2018 Websites, Digital communications, News

2018 Corporate & Financial Awards

July 03, 2018 Webranking, News

Halfway through Webranking

June 27, 2018 News

Almedalsveckan – du hinner fortfarande komma dit förberedd

June 01, 2018 News

The quest for an equal future

May 30, 2018 Webranking, News

Webranking 2018-2019 about to start

April 27, 2018 News

Who run the world?

March 08, 2018 News

My Internship at Comprend

February 16, 2018 News

New teammates at Comprend

February 01, 2018 News, Webranking

DSM, HEINEKEN and Arcelormittal top the Dutch podium in Webranking

January 31, 2018 Webranking, News

KBC Group, Solvay and UCB come out on top in Belgian edition of Webranking

January 24, 2018 Webranking, News

Thanks to you we’re helping Médecins Sans Frontières help others

January 23, 2018 News

H&H Group acquires Identx

January 10, 2018 Webranking, News

Podium overhauled in Webranking Swiss non-listed research

December 11, 2017 News

In response to #sistabriefen and #metoo

December 11, 2017 News

Vårt svar på #sistabriefen

November 17, 2017 News

New stars at Comprend

August 21, 2017 News

H&H Group acquires five communication agencies

August 11, 2017 News

BillerudKorsnäs awarded prize for Best Web Design

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