Corporate reporting

Tread boldly. Reporting is more than facts and figures. It’s your story, as told by you - the face you show the world.

Digital, the way it was meant to be seen

We design and create visually compelling annual reports optimised for reading on a screen. Responsive, flexible, and dynamic, they shine just as strongly on mobile as they do in the boardroom.

Future perfect

Your stakeholders might have different opinions on what format works best for annual reports, but our research shows that they all agree on one thing - online is better.

Forget everything you know and embrace the full potential of the medium. Augmented reality, podcasts - digital is not print and your corporate reporting content can and should make a difference in building your brand.

Screenshot of Provident Financial's Annual Report 2017

Audience insight and SEO

A digital annual report is an interactive experience. It can help you understand what your audience is reading, how they do it, and can even boost SEO performance.

The highlight reel

Don’t hide your accomplishments behind obscure download links and clunky navigation trees. Annual Reviews and short-form reports are your chance to get creative with presentation, showcase your performance highlights and promote your PDF documents for download.

Sustainability reports

Facts and figures should support your corporate identity, not replace it. Effective reporting translates numbers into messaging and is essential for creating audience engagement. Bring your CSR and sustainability communication to life through visualising technologies and impactful storytelling.

Quarterly reports

Quarterly reports can become an integral part of your financial disclosure and reporting. By using the same design and storytelling approach for all reporting, you can reinforce messaging, activate your annual report content throughout the year, and stay ahead of the dreaded five second attention span.

What’s next?

Reports should not just take up space in your download archive - they’re supposed to be read. Once a report has been released, you need to think about activating that content.

Whether it is an editorial plan, SEO optimisation, purchased media distribution or a thorough communication automation approach, we offer the support you need to instantly reach your audience.

Are you ready? We are

Regardless if you are ready or not, we are. We help you get ready and drive your communication into the future.

Let's meet

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Client Director

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Managing Director (UK)

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