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Uniper: One core website to tell a transformation story   

Uniper is fundamentally changing as an energy company, phasing out carbon and phasing in sustainable energy. To communicate this, they needed a new corporate website to support and reflect the company strategy, help audiences better understand the business and tell a unified story of their transformation journey.

A key objective was to project a greater focus on customer audiences, with a clear presentation of Uniper’s offering; improving and enhancing cross-selling through all parts of the business.  

One Uniper, One website  

Uniper’s old website landscape consisted of separate sites for areas such as sustainability reporting and investor relations, making it difficult for visitors to navigate and locate the right content.  

By embracing the complexities of multiple languages, geographies and interests and using best practice and audience insight, we have brought these different sites into one, core website uniper.energy.  

The new site is a single entity which gives a holistic view of Uniper, with intuitive and fast navigation. It has unified their communication strategy, making it easier for visitors to get a complete overview and find their way to the content they are looking for. Using the strategic pillar of decarbonisation as a core narrative to hold everything together underpins Uniper’s commitment to a more sustainable future.  

Screenshot of Uniper's website

Putting the customer first   

Using a customer-centric approach, the new website structure and storytelling is based on the needs of Uniper’s core customer audiences.

We introduced the “Solutions” concept in the navigation as a way of addressing their needs and connect them with key services and products. Content is connected across the site using topic-based tags, combining more evergreen content with more frequently updated content from our newsroom and blog, creating a focused and relevant experience for visitors.  

Modern visual design, imagery, and user experience 

A crucial part of the project was updating Uniper’s visual design, imagery, and overall user experience to be more reflective of the mission.

This has included bolder use of typography in headlines, fast and intuitive navigation optimised both for desktop and mobile and micro-animations that give a subtle feeling of movement. Fresh, new images, carefully selected to represent Uniper; their purpose and their mission, has also enhanced the user experience.  

Screenshot of Uniper's website
Screenshot of Uniper's website
Screenshot of Uniper's website
Screenshot of Uniper's website

Updated technology platform 

Uniper’s old platform based on Drupal was due for a major upgrade, and we took the opportunity to refresh and rebuild it from ground up together with their IT organisation and technical partner. The fundamental parts are in place, and we have a good platform to continue to build on.   


Since the launch, the website has become a vital communication tool in repositioning Uniper’s business and meeting the requirements of their audiences. We continue to work alongside Uniper to support their strategy, keep the site true to brand and improve the experience.

“Making this possible has been a collaborative effort that involved bringing various Uniper business areas, functions, and IT together to work as one team. This approach, where we collaborate more closely to drive our website, will continue after the launch. This quote stands true to our collaboration: Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success!” 

Reema Bhatia, website project lead, Uniper 

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