Kinnevik - building the brand

Investment company Kinnevik needed a corporate website to build the brand and tell the story of Kinnevik and its contribution to society.

Building the story of an investment company

Kinnevik is one of Sweden’s most entrepreneurial investment companies. With a portfolio ranging from Swedish telecom company Tele2 to international fashion e-commerce giant Zalando, Kinnevik is the focus of a lot of important stakeholders.

As a company dedicated to investments it is important to build a brand of one’s own, in addition to that of the portfolio companies. It is crucial to build the story of Kinnevik and show the value that the company brings to its shareholders and society at large.

The corporate website is the place where the story about Kinnevik can be told, with its history, position, strengths and vision. At the same time, it allows Kinnevik to present all its portfolio companies around the world.


Collaboration and co-creation

When we started the collaboration, Kinnevik had already done a pre-study, mapping important stakeholders and internal needs. They knew what they wanted and needed - it was up to Comprend to make the vision come true.

Through workshops and co-creation sessions together, we set the tone and created a concept for the new website. The focus of the concept was on the visual experience – creating the immediate image of Kinnevik as an innovative and exciting company through images and videos.

“Our website needs to show the innovative company that we are and support our brand”

A brand building new website

Today Kinnevik has a corporate website which builds their brand and tells the story of Kinnevik to not only corporate stakeholders such as investors and media, but also to end customers and the public in general. The website helps the visitors understand what kind of company Kinnevik is, the range of the portfolio and its visionary and innovative strategy.

The work is not done – at Comprend we continue collaborating with Kinnevik developing the website both technically and through brand building design and content. During 2020 a new start page was launched, aimed to emphasizing Kinnevik’s position and strength on the market.


For more information, please contact:

Sara Hernandez

Client Director

+46 76 109 05 06

Viktoria Enmark

Senior Project Manager

+46 761 09 05 08

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