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The following Danish companies were included in Webranking by Comprend 2022-2023.

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CompanyMain countryListsSector
CarlsbergDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco
Chr. HansenDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 2010 Health Care
ColoplastDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 2010 Health Care
Danske BankDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 3010 Banks
DemantDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 2010 Health Care
DSVDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
GenmabDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 2010 Health Care
GN Store NordDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 2010 Health Care
MaerskDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 5020 Industrial Goods and Services
NetcompanyDenmarkDenmark1010 Technology
Novo NordiskDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 2010 Health Care
NovozymesDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 2010 Health Care
ØrstedDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 6510 Utilities
PandoraDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 4020 Consumer Products and Services
Ringkøbing LandbobankDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 3010 Banks
Royal UnibrewDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 4510 Food, Beverage and Tobacco
SimCorpDenmarkDenmark1010 Technology
TrygDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 3030 Insurance
Vestas Wind SystemsDenmarkEurope 500,Denmark 6010 Energy

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