Results for Portugal 2015-2016

The Portuguese results of Webranking by Comprend 2015-2016 are here! Read the full article about the Portuguese results. If your company is not included in the list, you can request to be ranked by contacting our Webranking team.

CompanyTotal score
1. Galp Energia54.4
2. EDP46
3. Jer├│nimo Martins43.8
4. EDP Renov├íveis39.5
5. REN36.3
6. BPI30.6
7. Millennium BCP29.3
8. CTT25.7
9. Sonae SGPS23.8

Read more about the Webranking Report that you can order for your company.

For more information please contact or Miguel Cruz de Oliveira, Client Director, Spain/Portugal/France at or +351 919 935 833.