Technology in the service of communication

Technological development is not the end game. It’s the path – a way to enable your ability to communicate and create compelling solutions for your audience.

Communication stack

Your communication infrastructure is not limited to a CMS or a publishing tool. Rather, it encompasses a constellation of interlocking elements – tools, platforms, and technologies working together seamlessly to support your business.

We know how to design and build your perfect communication stack:

  • CMS and publishing tools
  • Infrastructure and hyperfast content delivery
  • Marketing and communication automation enabling
  • Personalisation and segmentation
  • Insight and analysis

Creative technology

Technology can serve and support creativity and communication. We know how to integrate technology into communication processes and in large organisations. 

Expert services

There are no shortcuts to take here - an efficient communication infrastructure is one that is unique to your needs.

Our solution experts and specialists are proficient across a number of platforms and technology frameworks, including:

Episerver: DXC Elite partners

We are Epi Elite partners. Our team has built and continues to maintain some of the largest and most complex DXC cloud solutions currently live.

Umbraco: an enterprise open source solution

Easy to use, enterprise grade, open source platform that allows you to run and develop your digital communication quickly and with minimal costs. 

Sharepoint that looks good

Sharepoint has become a ubiquitous part of corporate infrastructure. We can help you make sense of the opportunities it offers, both from a communications and a collaboration perspective

Headless is not such a bad idea

Don't lose your head about headless solutions. By letting designers focus on design and content editors focus on content, you can skip the headache and go straight to creating stunning solutions and amazing content.

Cloud solutions on Azure and Amazon AWS

The business landscape is in perpetual motion, distance no longer matters, and every second contains multitudes. Under these circumstances, coordinating corporate communications on a global level has become more complex than ever. To combat this – and ensure that your solutions work around the clock – we employ a cloud-first model, using modern solutions to rapidly set up and manage enterprise communication infrastructures.

Are you ready? We are

Regardless if you are ready or not, we are. We help you get ready and drive your communication into the future.

Let's meet

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