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The annual report is one of the most important sources for company information, along with the corporate website. Putting it together takes both time and resources, and it's hard to get it right. We help companies get the most out of their report through our annual report analysis service—ReportWatch.

We help you to get an outside perspective of the quality of your annual report in our ReportWatch reports. In our annual research for Annual Report on Annual Reports we review 500 annual reports. While doing that, we see a lot of good examples and a lot of reports that are not doing their jobs, neither for the company nor for their readers. 

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The Annual Report on Annual Reports

ReportWatch has since 1996 evaluated annual reports around the world in areas such as style, strategy, operations, governance and financials. The evaluation includes ratings of the best performing companies, best reporting practices, and a selection of some of the absolute top performers with comments from external panellists. 

The purpose of the Annual Report on Annual Reports is to inspire companies with best practise examples. In this way, you can create an even better report in the coming year. This year we're taking a break from this report, but you can read previous years' editions to find inspiration. 

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ReportWatch and Annual Report on Annual Report was acquired by Comprend from e-com in April 2020. 

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