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AR on AR 2021

AR on AR 2021Summary  |  Ratings  |  Top picks  | Best practices 

Welcome to the 25th edition of Annual Report on Annual Reports – the independent global survey on annual reporting practice.

We have read and evaluated more than 500 annual reports in five sections ranging from strategy and operations to presentation and style – whether in print or online. 

The top performers

With many great annual reports, it was a tight competition this year among the top performers. In the end, the top 3 companies were SCA, BASF and ICA Gruppen. 

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The methodology

This year's Annual Report on Annual Reports – AR on AR 2021 – is based on an evaluation of more than 500 annual reports in 25 criteria.  

Find out more in our summary

Top picks

Our external panel consist of people with long experience in reading and creating annual reports. See which their favourite reports are and why. 

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Best practices

In need of inspiration? We have gathered some best practice examples among all +500 annual reports for the most important criteria. 

Get inspired by others

Are you looking to improve your annual report next year? We can help you. Check out our ReportWatch reports.

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