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December 16, 2021 Digital communications | Tech advisory | Content | Websites | Annual Reports

2022 corporate communication predictions

A year ago, we entered 2021 with hopes of a more stable life and an end to the pandemic. Of course, things didn't turn out that way, and during the past year, we've had to get even more used to life in an unpredictable world. But in the world of digital corporate communications, there are thankfully still things we can predict. We continue to see new trends and developments - unrelated to the pandemic.

We have once again turned to our experts in different areas to hear about their predictions for the upcoming year and learn about possible trends that are of importance to our clients and other companies.


"The trend of a personalised user experience isn't going away any time soon. With the abundance of content that users can access on the web, more and more apps and websites personalise the experience to each individual user, whether it's by providing personalised suggestions or meeting accessibility guidelines. The goal for the UX designer is to create a design and product that closes the gap between what a user expects or wants and what they experience.

Personalisation tends to focus on recommending content based on things like localisation (where a user is located), demographics (statistical data such as age, sex, education, nationality, ethnicity, or religion) and behavioural data (data gathered from the user’s behaviour on the website or app). With that information, UX designers will then create an experience that is adapted to what users expect, need, or want.”

Johan Liw, User Experience Strategist

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Photo of Johan Liw


“I’m curious to see if dark mode on websites will become more common this year. This would impact not only the technical development but also the design of the website, as it would require something that could be equal to a ‘dark mode CSS’ or at least a colour palette for dark mode.”

Jonas Jonell, Application Developer and Service Lead WaaS

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Photo of Jonas Jonell


“Working with content has been on the agenda for quite some time now. A lot of effort is put into every step of what is needed to ensure a consistent flow of qualitative, audience adapted content. It can be in-depth knowledge about the audiences, content strategies, brand guidelines, tone of voice documents, measurement plans, governance models, and the list goes on. To keep sane in 2022, we see many in need of sorting, compiling and turning all this good work into a logical work order and tangible processes and tools. Hello Content Frameworks!”

Lorraine S Green, Content Strategist

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“We see in our Webranking research that more corporate audiences turn to the online versions of the annual and sustainability reports whilst the use of PDFs is declining. But it’s not only analysts and investors who read the annual reports. With a greater interest in understanding companies as consumers, partners, or employers, the target audiences are increasing. These newer target groups will expect to find the information in a digital rather than PDF format. More companies also realise that digital reports are more searchable and accessible. This emerging trend proves that the future indeed is digital!”

Mimi Hannell, Project Manager, Corporate Reporting

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“I really hope companies allow themselves to have more fun next year. So many brands that we see are just really dull and quite similar. There is a massive opportunity for companies to look harder to find what makes them great, then really celebrate and be proud of who they are.

Companies will be investing in more careful management of their brand too. Not just how they look, but how they consistently deliver their story. Stakeholder expectations are always rising, so clarity, consistency and agility across channels are more important than ever. We believe that the companies who are making the most effort here will win long-term.”

John Anderson, Executive Creative Director

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What did we miss? We're eager to hear what you think will be on your agenda in 2022.

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