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Do you want to evaluate how your annual report is doing? We evaluate more than 500 annual reports every year on the critieria that matters to the stakeholders. With input from us, your annual report can become even better next year.  

As one of the most important sources for company information, it is important to know that you are getting the most out of your investment in annual reports. Our analysis services ReportWatch can help you to deliver a compelling and effective annual report. We would be happy to discuss any custom evaluation in addition to the two report types below. 

Report Screening 

A qualitative and in-depth analysis of your annual and sustainability report of 40 reporting areas - for example strategic direction, business report, risks, sustainability, governance, financials and visuals. It includes suggested improvements.

Cost €5,000 


The score sheet from the 25 criteria in 5 sections that Annual Report on Annual Report is based on. This gives you an overview of your strengths and challenges. 

Cost €1,900

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