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People can't find my content

You’ve put all this time and resources into creating and planning content. How can you get people to read it? All that effort is pointless if no one can find your work - without a clear idea of how you want to structure, SEO-proof, and distribute your content, you risk wasting your time. 


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Content that no one reads is hard to tell apart from bad content

We help manage a large amount of websites, so we know for a fact that there is a lot of high-quality content out there just waiting for the right audience to find it.

When this fails to happen, the problem can be often traced to one of three causes:

  1. The content is not organised properly.

  2. SEO is lacking or included as an afterthought.

  3. The content is not being distributed in a timely manner.

Site structure and internal search engines - a love story

Searching for gold

The basic rule here is flexibility. The more options your visitors have to navigate to content, the better, but only if you can build them around user scenarios. This includes everything from the navigation structure, to banners, quick links, and the holy grail of functionality: the internal search.

We recommend creating internal search functions that can sort through all types of content – pages, documents, images – and present these results in a structured way that also includes filtering options.

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Clearing a path to success

When a user visits a website, they want to get to the information they’re looking for, and they want to do so quickly. Put them in front of a complex site structure and it’s like giving a treasure hunter a blank piece of paper with an X on it: not actually helpful in terms of getting them to where they need to be.

We know websites and we definitely know users. If it takes them too much time and effort to find what they’re looking for, they might just give up and abandon it all. Through research and analytics, we find the best ways to structure a brand new website or to restructure an existing one to create paths to relevant destinations.

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"Hi Google! How can I help people find my content?"

Being search-friendly is not a bonus, it’s a way of working. It needs to be a part of content creation process from inception to publishing and distribution or your content, no matter how innovative or creative, will be stuck in the dreaded grey zone of no user engagement.

We help our clients search-proof their websites. Whether it is a developer organising the code in a certain order, a UX designer helping with the page layout and creating a smooth user flow or a content specialist making sure that all your keywords are where they need to be on a page, we have everything you need to start working on your SEO.

What do we want? Data. When do we want it? Now.

What’s the common thread linking these elements together? Data. None of the above are possible without the raw data on how visitors are using and moving around your site, as well as what they are looking for and how they’re accessing it from search engines.

Slow, steady, and consistent

Algorithms are creatures of comfort. When it comes to decision-making, they use established patterns of behaviour just as much as they use the content itself.

This is why a common piece of advice is to post regular updates to your communication channels. When algorithms recognise you as a reliable content-make, they will push your work to the top of search results and feeds. Updates which are irregular and of varying quality will tell search algorithms (and your audience!) that this is the new normal.

Advice for timely and relevant content

Keeping track of your content

Setting up the right tracking parameters can help you identify what content is already easy to find, which is not, what content your audience is interested in, and how to best go about meeting your editorial goals. Our web analysts can advise on your ideal tracking setup, implement it, and follow up with insight and continuous support to help you act on your findings.

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