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One third of companies struggle with poor data analytics

By Lorraine S. Green

Are you one of them? A new report by our partner Siteimprove and IDG uncovers obstacles modern marketers face when it comes to creating a smooth customer journey.

Does your marketing team face data analytics challenges? Or struggle to keep your website compliant with data privacy laws? If so, a new report by Siteimprove and IDG has found that you’re not alone. The report uncovers obstacles modern marketers face when it comes to creating a smooth customer journey, as well as their focus areas for 2020.

Key findings from the report include:

  • 33% of companies report poor data analytics as an issue
  • 84% of companies say the main purpose of their website is merely to act as a company brochure
  • 19% of respondents say websites are still not GDPR compliant
  • 64% say well-targeted content is their biggest web optimization challenge

According to our own research at Comprend, analytics is a high priority, although the majority use it only for KPIs or to measure the size of their audience.

Comprend partnership with Siteimprove

As an official partner to Siteimprove, we help companies by using the digital presence optimization software they provide. The product includes modules to improve content quality, work towards accessibility compliance, drive search engine traffic, meet data privacy requirements, and measure website performance and ROI – from a single platform. Contact us if Siteimprove would be of interest to use within your organisation!

Visit to get the full report for deeper insights into the state of modern digital marketing and the obstacles encountered when engaging customers.

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