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December 18, 2019 Websites | Content | Tech advisory

Content at the heart of the communication strategy

By Lorraine S. Green

Content is more than a buzzword. It is a crucial part of the communication strategy and a way to achieve your business goals. Our partner Episerver recently announced they have recruited content and CMS evangelist Deane Barker and we are happy to see that content is once again high up on the agenda after years of e-commerce focus.

After attending Episerver Ascend in both Miami and Stockholm and hearing representatives from Episerver answering questions like "So, is Episerver all about tech and e-commerce?" with "No, we are about content", we are happy to see Deane Barker the team of Episerver evangelists as the Senior Director of Content Management Strategy.

Barker will bring a lot of energy to Episerver's focus on content as the foundation of all digital experiences. So, why are we excited about this? Well, because we agree! New, advanced functionalities and technical features used to create, optimise, spread, and personalise content are super exciting (and necessary, of course). But in order for those to be relevant, there needs to be content. More specifically, there needs to be a content creation strategy and a content management strategy. This is especially true if you are working with segmented content and targeted audiences. "Orders, omnichannel, one-to-one personalization, optimization – you name it – are all supported by well-managed content," says Justin Anovick, chief product officer at Episerver, in Episerver's pressrelease on the recruitment.

At Episerver Ascend in Miami, Barker was interviewed by the podcast DNM and said, among a lot of other interesting things, that "If you are going to embark on a large-scale personalisation strategy, the first thing you have to do is triple your content creation staff", followed up by "Core content is the fundamental piece of a marketing strategy".

When building websites for our clients, we use the CMS and platform that is best suited for their needs and Episerver is one of the trusted partners that help us serve their needs. We look forward to see what Episerver will deliver in the years to come.

We know how to seamlessly work with both content and technology. Get in touch with us when you need help with reaching your communication goals.

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