March 12, 2015

CSR in the digital age

The rise in digital media means that companies have a priceless opportunity to communicate their CSR stories, differentiate their brand …

The rise in digital media means that companies have a priceless opportunity to communicate their CSR stories, differentiate their brand and build credibility. But the fact is, most corporations have yet to adapt their CSR activities to the digital age.

In terms of communication, navigating the CSR terrain can often be tricky – even for the most experienced corporate communications professional. The challenge is to meet the increasing demands for transparency and “hard facts” required from investors, etc., while also engaging the general public.

Putting the “social” in corporate social responsibility

Many companies put a lot of time and money in providing transparency and “hard facts” in CSR reporting, but tend to forget about engaging the general public. Thus, many companies are missing out on the full potential of their CSR communication. By repurposing material from the CSR report and tailoring it for other digital channels, companies can reach the wider public or additional stakeholder groups with specialised interests.

From telling to storytelling

The digital environment offers a range of channels where companies can communicate – and most importantly – interact with, its most important stakeholders. Think of it this way – utilising digital channels gives your company an opportunity to break down the barriers between the corporation and its audience. It’s a chance to tell sustainability activities in an illustrative, relatable and authentic way – something traditional sustainability reports simply cannot do. The digital information age has permanently changed how people share, receive, judge and interact with information – this includes your company’s CSR report.

Making the move towards digital

Making the move to digitalising CSR communication and moving beyond the sustainability report can be a challenge, especially for traditional organisations. It takes courage to discuss sustainability challenges and activities in a transparent way. We suggest starting with a communications strategy that extends over the full year. It’s important that the strategy encompasses multiple channels and multiple-messages, even considering different formats of content such as social media, blogs, video, photos and newsletters.

Increasing trust through engagement

By increasing digital communication around CSR, companies can unlock real engagement and real value. Stakeholders gain the ability to interact with the organisation, while the organisation gains trust and an improved brand image.

Digital is here to stay and the CSR report should evolve to meet the content consumption demands of today’s environment. If you’re wondering how to do this within your organisation, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.

If you would like to know more about digital CSR reports, please contact Karin Arrenfeldt at

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