July 03, 2015

The Comprend Career Report 2015

Finding the right job candidate is a difficult process and there’s no perfect potion to success. We at Comprend want ��

Finding the right job candidate is a difficult process and there’s no perfect potion to success. We at Comprend want to help companies demystify the range of tools at our digital disposal in order to better meet the needs of jobseekers – and in turn, help you recruit the right individuals.

In order to do this, we surveyed 120 individuals aged 18-55 from 20 different countries to understand how they use social media and corporate websites when looking for a job. We also asked what type of content they are interested in when forming an opinion about if a company is a good employer.

We present the results in the form of the Career Report, which aims to help companies better communicate with potential candidates.

This year’s findings

The connected jobseeker

Jobseekers want communication to be mobile, digital and multi-channel. 66% of employees and jobseekers want to use multiple channels when assessing if a company is right for them. This includes taking a multi-channel approach to advertising vacancies.


0% of jobseekers utilised Glassdoor in 2014 – today that number is 18%. The rise of Glassdoor and similar sites are increasing transparency and encouraging companies to take a more proactive approach to their employer brand.

Modern application processes

The distain toward online application forms is one of the most prominent findings this year. Many respondents stated they will navigate away as soon as they encounter a lengthy, impersonal form.

The full Career Report is available as a digital report and PDF.

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