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Sustainable web

We care about the environmental footprint of our business and specifically about how the CO2 impact generated by our website.

Sustainable websites are measured in two dimensions.

  1. Internal effeciency focusing on the impact servers and services used to host and deliver the pages. This is normally only possible to measure within the company and are sometimes part of the Sustainability Reporting. 
  2. External effeciency is focusing on the impact the transmission of web pages and it's assets to the visitors device, and how effecient it is rendered on the device, e.g. the energy consumption for rendering and showing the web page. 

Our website is run on WaaS - The Corporate website platform - which is a highly effecient platform which minimizes the impact. 

90% less impact internally. Using effecient and shared infrastructure a website on WaaS uses 90% less resources than a typical corporate website with dev, test and production environments. 

A rated for external effeciency. We measure performance using websitecarboncalculator. We aim for the website to be rated A, but currenly have some way to go as we are rated B. The main culprits are images and font-files which we are working in optimising. On the live badge below you can follow our progress.

AAA rated for accessibility.
Sustainable web is also making sure it is available and works for all visitors. In the WaaS platform accessibility guidance is built in and we also use AccessibilityCloud to review and continously improve our website.

Our target is to have our website AAA rated according to WCAG 2.2 and the EU standard EN 301 549. We still have some issues to fix but are progressing towards this goal.


Less CO2 impact than a typical corporate site with dev, test and production environments in cloud.

CO2 impact

B rated website for external efficiency by Website Carbon Calculator. Aiming for A level.


We are aiming for compliance with EN 301 549 (EU) and WCAG 2.2 AAA.