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Driving customer growth through data-fuelled marketing

Using data and insights to enhance digital advert­ising for Vepsäläinen.

Vepsäläinen boasts a diverse portfolio of design brands, spanning high-end to premium value-for-money products with 20 brick-and-mortar stores across Finland and a growing e-commerce presence.

Our role

  • Tech strategy
  • UX strategy
  • Channel analysis
  • Paid media strategy
  • Insights
  • Data collection
  • Data storage


  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Vision API
  • Optimizely

The challenge

Navigating a complex digital landscape 

Vepsäläinen needed to gather and analyse data to enhance competitiveness and drive growth, both online and in-store. 

Utilising marketing data and insights, the primary aim was to enhance digital advert­­ising effectiveness across a complex digital landscape.

Additionally, establishing a marketing data warehouse was crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics from both online and offline channels.

Strengthening the website with better user experience by redesigning key functions remained a high priority.

A modern living room featuring a brown egg chair with a matching ottoman, a small wooden side table, a white floor lamp, and a patterned wall hanging.

Leading premium furniture and interiors retailer, Vepsäläinen boasts a diverse portfolio of design brands.

 The solution

Putting the data to use 

To analyse at scale and to use data from multiple sources we created a marketing data warehouse using Google BigQuery. Combining the data allowed us to analyse and understand the impact across multiple factors, e.g. how inventory levels impacted online sales.

We also utilised Google's Cloud Vision API tool to enhance ad campaigns, so we could test and validate which designs resonated best in the intended way with audiences. We also focused on refining Vepsäläinen's website by analysing the user journey and identified areas that could be improved.

Instead of guessing, we used Google Vision API to test and validate which images resonated the most with the audience.

Analysts working with audience optimisation


Created a marketing data warehouse using Google BigQuery.


Used Google's Cloud Vision API tool to test and validate ad campaigns creatives


Refined Vepsäläinen's website with improved user journeys and streamlined navigation

The impact

Data-driven decision making 

Establishing a marketing data warehouse has given Vepsäläinen enhanced analysis capability, allowing them to make insight-driven decisions for their business.

Utilising Google Cloud technology to improve ad campaign performance has also resulted in higher conversion rates.

Streamlining navigation and simplifying the purchasing process on .com have resulted in a more seamless online shopping experience for users.

Overall, data-driven decision-making across various aspects of the business, from marketing to user experience optimisation, has led to impactful improvements in performance and efficiency.


Increase in online sales since 2023


Traffic increase to online stores in the last 5 years.

Modern chair with blanket in a serene room overlooking a forest.


Increase in online revenue sales in the last 5 years.

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Lars TengenManaging director, Öresund, Sweden
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