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A secure website for a fast-growing business

Uniting web platforms and corporate sites for OX2.

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OX2 is one of Europe's leading developers of renewable energy sources. OX2 develops, constructs, and manages renewable energy solutions at scale, including onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, and energy storage.

Our role

  • Strategy
  • Tech
  • UX


  • WaaS

The challenge

Multiple website platforms with a rigid set-up 

Since going public, OX2, one of Europe’s leading developers of renewable energy sources, had outgrown their website structure. Their current website solutions weren’t flexible enough to grow alongside the business and multiple, separate solutions with limited options for scalability resulted in a scattered experience.

OX2 needed a great corporate website that could grow and adapt at the same pace as their business and a user-friendly CMS. The website needed to serve different audiences, including B2B, B2C and corporate audiences with different languages, and provide a clear navigation and user experience. 

Wind turbines and energy storage in an OX2 energy park.
Niklas Franck, Communications Director at OX2

We are very pleased with our new corporate and market websites and the help and guidance Comprend has provided along the way.

Nicklas Franck, Communications Director at OX2

The solution

WaaS - built for corporate websites 

By collecting user insights and evaluating their needs and requirements, OX2 decided to opt for our subscription-based corporate website platform Website as a Service (WaaS).

Purpose-built for corporate communications, WaaS has a fast time to market. The platform is secure, has an easy-to-use interface, and is continuously updated. 

As a subscription-based service, it includes guidance and website management from our team of experts.

WaaS also offers a lot of flexibility, which was key to OX2 who needed a solution that could serve multiple purposes and audiences whilst growing alongside the business itself. The WaaS CMS’s multi-language management tools would enable OX2 web editors to easily edit content in a variety of languages.   

We united all OX2’s existing web platforms and corporate sites into one, easy-to-use solution with a clear navigation and seamless user experience.

We verified our new structure with the different markets and validated with audience requirements and migrated all existing content to the WaaS platform. 

Several wind turbines are positioned over water, with more turbines in the distance against a backdrop of trees and a clear blue sky.

OX2 decided to opt for our subscription-based corporate website platform WaaS, which is purpose-built for corporate communications.

The impact

A streamlined digital experience   

OX2 now has a flexible corporate website that can grow as fast as the business itself. With WaaS, it’s easy for web editors to add and edit content, and the platform’s multilanguage tools help ensure consistent communications across markets and languages.

The new OX2 website is carbon-efficient, reflecting OX2’s focus on sustainability in everything they do. 

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Johan SixtenssonClient director, WaaS
Cola Herrero-Driver Head of client services, UK
Kimmo KanervaExecutive director