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WAAS release notes


  • New feature: Meta description and meta images to be used for social media sharing is now automatically populated from the press release data.
  • Updated redirect function: When moving a website to WaaS, there is a tool to manage redirects. This is used to keep legacy links working, for instance if someone has bookmarked a page. This function did not work for old addresses containing dots, for example “address.aspx” for security reasons: WaaS blocks all requests to “dot-files” which are not found in the file system since all websites are constantly scanned for files like “wp-admin.php” to find vulnerabilities. Now you can allow certain file endings to utilize the redirect function.
  • Updated system widget: The built-in Disclaimer widget is used for information that should not be shown until the visitor has agreed on certain terms. This widget has now more flexible settings.
  • Upgraded developer feature: The built-in import function is used when migrating a website to WaaS. This function can now handle sites with huge amount of content.