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We know websites

Website as a Service (WaaS) is our subscription-based way of taking care of your website. The service includes design, build, and management of your entire site.

Our platform is constantly updated to make sure your site is safe and robust, utilising/incorporating the latest technologies. You don’t have to think about upgrades or release-windows.

Your site is supported by a team of dedicated communications professionals who know the full requirements of being a listed company. We take care of the small things.

Fast to market

By using Website as a Service, your site is continuously managed and supported by Comprend and evolving with technological advancements.

Our solution is easy to use, and you can be up and running quickly. You can save time and resources and focus them on your communication objectives instead of running a website.

Make meaningful connections

We take care of the technology and make sure you meet the requirements of a modern professional website. Through focusing on building and developing your business strategy, we help you to connect and engage meaningfully with your stakeholders and, with the help of our sister agencies within H&H Group, we provide you with the expertise you need to create and maintain a great/or compelling website.

Learn why Website as a Service was the right solution for Ashtead Group's corporate website and Electrolux's digital corporate reports. 


Our cloud-based service ensures geographical resilience and distribution. Sites are continually scanned, monitored and optimised.

Continuous development

We continuously develop the platform and implement new features. Each of our sites is up to date, with optimum performance - all so they can keep up with you and your needs.


We make sure your website not only looks great, but also feels great. Our designs are user-friendly, on brand and in line with your company strategy.


Clean code, fast loading speeds, low page weight, security features, and meta & title tags optimisation - our platform is made with successful SEO in mind.

Responsive web design

Our sites are built to look good on every screen. You can easily create, edit, and customise the design for each device within your CMS dashboard.

Comprend platform

Our CMS is built by us for our clients so it is custom made to be easy to use for our clients. It is also super easy to link our CMS to your analytics and a bunch of other additional features. 

Are you ready?
We are

Regardless if you are ready or not, we are. We help you get ready and drive your communication into the future.

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How is your site performing?

We identify the content that investors, analysts, business journalists and jobseekers want from corporate websites to help you meet their expecations. 


How effective is your annual report?

Our yearly review of 500 annual reports benchmarks and explains best practice to help you reach higher reporting standards.