It's a match! Smoothing out the application process

Jobseekers don't appreciate having their time wasted. This much was made clear in our 2020 Careers Survey, and the sentiment will resonate with anyone who has ever had to wade through multiple stages of a hiring process, with little clarity over when it might end or whether the role would even be a match. Wasted time also works both ways – not only does the jobseeker leave with a bad impression of the hiring company, but the company also loses time and resources that could be better spent assessing the right candidates for the job.

Employee expectations are a helpful filter

Nearly 9 out of 10 jobseekers would prefer it if companies would outline what they expect from employees on their corporate website. This helps companies filter out applicants who don’t identify skills or characteristics that align with their own, whilst also honing the application quality from those who feel confident in meeting and exceeding the stated criteria.

"Your skills matter as much as the match between us. Do we share the same values?"
- Allianz corporate website 

An even smarter way for companies to showcase what they expect from employees is to link this information together with the corporate values at the heart of their business, as Allianz have done on their 'Getting Started' page. This shows that a company is committed to ensuring employees live their values, whilst hitting two birds with one stone for the 90% of jobseekers who are also on the lookout for information on corporate culture and values. Framing values and expectations together also encourages a jobseeker to reflect on the match between employee and employer, and on how shared skills and values could make them a worthwhile addition to the workplace.

An accessible application process is the way to go

"Be as transparent as you can in the first place in order to save everyone’s time."
- Employee who is keeping their eyes open for new opportunities, Sweden

As a first step, those who wish to improve the effectiveness of their careers section should find a way to offer prospective applicants a step-by-step overview of the hiring process. 86% of the respondents to our latest Careers Survey expect to find this information included somewhere on the careers pages, as it helps them assess the challenges and time investment to come. We've been asking this question for a few years, and it has consistently remained one of the top-rated pieces of jobseeker information on a corporate website.

Continuous communication should guide the way

Once an application is made, the hiring company should continue communicating with candidates. Our open comments show that a major frustration for jobseekers is being kept in the dark throughout the ongoing process. Feedback is valuable: jobseekers want to be informed when they have been rejected. This should be a common courtesy, given the time that is often invested in an application.

"Don't ghost people that are applying to a job; in the long run this will hurt your company's reputation since it puts people off."
- Active jobseeker, Switzerland

Lengthy recruitment processes can also pose a problem for applicants. If the response to a certain stage of the application takes a while, candidates should be notified of this to avoid the risk that they will lose interest or accept a position elsewhere.

"...not hearing from a company can lead to accepting another less suitable position somewhere else, just because they answered faster."
- Self-employed worker who is keeping their eyes open for opportunities, Portugal

More information equals a tighter fit

Judging by the figures and quotes provided, an additional layer of communication leads to a more efficient hiring process for everyone. Companies should provide jobseekers with an overview of the steps they’ll need to take throughout the application, along with the expectations and values that come with the territory. Armed with this clarity, jobseekers would be better placed to present themselves as the right fit for the role on offer. 

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