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17 May 2024

What job seekers are looking for on corporate websites in 2024

By Freja Nilsson

The 2024 Careers Survey conducted by Comprend provides detailed insights into the expectations and preferences of job seekers across Europe.

Freja NilssonProject manager, Webranking

Purpose of using corporate websites

When asked how they use corporate websites in their job search, 48% answered that they use them to learn more about a company and their values. They seek information on a company’s mission, values, history, and the markets they operate in. This suggests that job seekers are looking for more than just job listings - they are interested in understanding a company's mission and alignment with their personal values.

I check what they have written about themselves as a company; what they offer in terms of services/products, who works there, etc. I form an opinion so that I can get a feel for the company.

I look for companies that share values. Research employee benefits the company provides. Learn about the company's business operation. Research the company's leadership.

I often review the values and mottos they stand for and check how they give back to the local community. Their vision and goals.

Preferred information

The most important information continues to revolve around opportunities for career development and detailed information about company culture and work environment.

Career opportunities and development

Career development remains a top priority for job seekers, who are increasingly looking for roles that offer not just employment but a pathway for growth and learning.

The survey suggests that corporate websites should clearly delineate career trajectories and development opportunities within the company. Including employee testimonials can effectively convey these opportunities, providing a peer perspective that resonates with prospective candidates.

Cultural insight and work environment

Understanding the work environment and company culture continues to be another vital aspect that job seekers look for on corporate websites. A corporate website can showcase this in many different ways. You could, for example, present photos and summaries from past events to showcase your company's community life.

Exploring employee testimonials, career growth opportunities and diversity initiatives can provide valuable insights into the company's workplace culture.

Job seekers are also interested in how companies promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. A section or page dedicated to diversity and inclusion could display statistics on workforce diversity, articles about your company’s initiatives, and upcoming diversity-related events.

Recommendations for improvement

When asking the respondent about possible areas of improvement for careers information on corporate websites, these areas were mentioned the most.

1. Comprehensive job information and recruitment process

Respondents want more details about available positions and the recruitment process. Outlining the recruitment process commonly included expected timelines and contact points for follow-up to demystify the application process and set clear expectations.

Just ensure there is plenty information on the recruitment process.

That the information about the job position is specified, including remuneration.

2. Transparency, clarity and authenticity

Potential employees value honest and straightforward communication about your company. The expectations of transparency and authenticity are even more important for the generation entering the labour force now. Gen-Z tend to use less traditional channels (e.g. TikTok) to find information about employers and career tips and expect a high level of transparency from companies. Gen Z's preference for TikTok can be partly attributed to the platform's ability to provide a candid, unfiltered look into companies’ cultures and day-to-day activities. This expectation for authenticity aligns with the importance of transparency on corporate websites. By incorporating real-time interactions, candid employee testimonials, and behind-the-scenes content, companies can emulate the TikTok experience on their own platforms.

Some respondents elaborate on what kind of transparency they expect:

Transparency to the greatest extent possible in combination with actively working to be a good employer.

Be open and honest and address problems you are working on.

 If they promise something, show that they fulfil it.

4. Engagement, interaction, and support

Job seekers value interactive and engaging elements that allow them to connect with the company more directly. Implementing a virtual AI career assistant as a live chat feature on the careers page can be a way to help potential applicants interact with your company. This AI assistant can provide immediate responses to frequently asked questions, guide users through the website and offer specific details about the company culture, benefits, and open positions. By delivering quick and accurate information, the AI assistant helps maintain the engagement levels of the visitors. Worth noting is that the AI assistant needs to be properly trained to give users relevant and accurate answers to avoid creating frustration.

Unilever offers a virtual recruiting assistant that works well and can, for example, help job seekers find available roles more quickly and tell you more about their values and benefits.

How can we help?

Our Webranking report offers a solid foundation on what content should be presented in the Careers section of a corporate website.

In this evolving job market landscape, Comprend can assist companies to enhance their career content to meet these outlined needs effectively. Our expertise in digital corporate communication is ideally suited to help companies revamp their websites to be more engaging, transparent, and aligned with modern job seeker expectations. 

About the Careers survey 2024

The survey engaged over 200 participants from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain, capturing a broad perspective on current career trends. The survey was conducted in partnership with Axiom Insight.

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