Comprend’s Careers Report 2019

Jobseekers' preferences are as diverse as target groups as a whole, so attracting the right talent to a job is the art of getting a lot of moving parts to fit together. In our annual Careers report, we aim to understand what jobseekers from across Europe want and, more importantly, need.

From the responses to our Careers survey and interviews, we have found that jobseekers have a need for smoother digital journeys and have bright ideas about future trends in recruitment. Join us as we once again shine a light on the inquisitive millennials and their jobseeking behaviour.

Digging deeper into jobseeker practices

Jobseeking is not easy. Applicants are overloaded with information and must frequently navigate several communication channels at once if they want to succeed. But even with the breadth of available digital channels - and regardless of how smooth the process is - jobseeker needs are still not being met. The demand is high for easily accessible information on career sites, trustworthy job ads, and employee sales pitches.

The Information Generation

It’s clearer than ever that jobseeking millennials value one thing above all other: information – and lots of it! They have largely matured in the age of the Internet and their expectation that information should be easily accessible extends to jobhunting. In light of this, we’ve investigated which forms of information companies can adopt to attract the attention of inquisitive candidates in an already crowded field.

Jobseeking blues - new perspectives on the same old

One often-repeated piece of advice is to think mobile, but there’s more that a company can do to make themselves attractive to jobseekers. This spotlight report highlights some of these options. From the open comments and interviews for our recent Careers research round, here are some of the most interesting ideas on how to improve the application process for jobseekers.