Best Reporting Practices - Key Attributes

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  1. Cover - Message - Theme - Branding
    Key words: appealing, inviting, branding, making sense, page-turning
  2. Business overview
    Key features: profile, mission, products/services, areas, segments, events
  3. Key figures
    Key numbers: number of minutes (to reach), number of items, number of years, number of charts, number breakdown
  4. CEO/Chairman message
    Key aspects: style, substance, straightforwardness, strategy, support
  5. Business model - Value - Strategy
    Key elements: business model, value creation, drivers, strategy, execution, competition
  6. Key performance indicators
    Key indicators: identifiable, quantifiable, measurable, comparable, adaptable on: operational, financial, social, environmental
  7. Investor and share information
    Key info: proposition, earnings, dividends, price, ratios, shareholders, contacts
  8. Financial review - Management discussion
    Key items: contents, structure, intelligibility on: revenue, costs, income, balance sheet, condition, cash flows, performance, position, condition
  9. Goals - Targets - Outlook
    Key points: objectives, goals, targets, check, outlook, forecast, guidance
  10. Risk factors, control and management
    Key info: risks, mitigation, map, sensitivity, control
  11. Leadership - Governance - Compensation
    Key matters: directors, executives, principles, procedures, control, boards, committees, remuneration
  12. Corporate responsibility - Sustainability
    Key components: goals, integration, stakeholders, materiality, facts, figures on: operational, social, environmental, et al.
  13. Infographics - Data - Ratios
    Key elements: figures, ratios, graphs, maps, diagrams
  14. Digital reporting
    Key features: availability, online pluses, navigation, access, interactivity
  15. Style - Design - Layout
    Key aspects: personality, creativity, readability, consistency, originality

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