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December 16, 2021 Websites | Content | Digital communications

Time to review your copy!

 By Matilda Ekström

The copy on your website is there to tell a story—a story about your brand, your people, and your services. It’s the backbone of your website and it’s important that you get it right. 

The message we convey through our copy depends mainly on two things: the words we use and the way in which we use them. It may seem simple, but it’s quite a complex interplay that can be hard to master – especially on a corporate website where new content, often written by many different people, is continuously added. 

How to perfect the copy on your website

1. Make sure that your messaging framework is up to date

A successful business is constantly evolving. Employees come and go, values and purpose develop, and priorities change. When your business evolves, your messaging framework must evolve with it. A good start to getting your copy on point is therefore to check your Tone of Voice guidance and your company values. Do they still reflect the essence of your business?

2. Review the copy on your website

Your website needs to stay relevant and up to date. This doesn’t just mean adding new content and updating figures – it also means reviewing and refreshing the copy. You want your copy to be consistent, so it’s important that all copy – new and old – truly reflects the energy of your business and colleagues. It all comes back to having an up-to-date messaging framework and making sure that it’s used across all communication.

3. Make your copy personal 

Corporate businesses easily fall into the pitfall of being too generic on their websites – perhaps in fear of sounding informal. But although it requires some work, it’s fully possible to be both personal and formal. The most important thing to think about when updating your copy is what makes your business special. What’s its history? Who are your colleagues? What makes you different from your competitors? Try to convey this in all your copy – not only in the section where a specific topic is treated.

4. Think about SEO!

Good search engine optimisation (SEO) is important in all digital communication. Without it, your audiences may not find your content at all. It’s quite a complex topic, but the two most important things to keep in mind when writing copy are a) to use keywords that are important for your business and that your audience is searching for, and b) to link to other external and internal pages where possible.

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If it all feels difficult and overwhelming, don’t panic – we have services that can help you to make your copy shine. Our skilled consultants and content strategists have got you covered! 

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