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July 01, 2020 Digital communications

Going public in an IPO

Operating as a public company can open new avenues for exploration but also increases the pressure to get it right. The same old will not do – you’re suddenly facing new audiences, regulatory demands, and new expectations on how you should communicate.

Getting ready for your IPO

Our team of corporate communications specialists can help you build your capabilities from the ground up. Thinking ahead wins the day here: communicating as a listed company starts with the planning phase and continues all the way through the ITF and the IPO day itself. We know how to make sure this transitional stage is as smooth as possible. Our clients are both listed and newly listed companies, and we’ve been working closely with them on behind the scenes preparations.

Your corporate website

Your corporate website sits at the centre of your communication with key stakeholders, but that implies more than website functionality and design. It’s making sure that all the background processes that matter to your stakeholders – your communications distribution network, document archives, and everything in between – are up and running before the big day and ready to support your operations from there on out.

From its functionality to its content to its structure, it must be robust enough to service stakeholder needs, comply with stock exchange rules and corporate governance, and support daily communication operations. And beyond that, there are your nice-to-haves – those extra details that showcase a commitment to your audiences.

We have the domain knowledge you need

Corporate governance

Trust is built when your stakeholder communication is honest, open, and transparent. Making sure that the way you communicate matters adheres to these standards is a fundamental tool in maintaining the trust your stakeholders have in you.

Webranking by Comprend is our annual research into what the capital market and jobseekers expect from a corporate website. Whether you are looking to benchmark your performance against competitors or simply trying to create a framework for improvement, Webranking is your window into the best possible version of your website.

Sustainability communications

As a listed company, sustainability communication is not something you can opt out of. So, rather than hiding it away in an obscure section of your website, think of it as an opportunity to bring your corporate story to life and connect with your audiences beyond numbers.

What does your business strategy mean in real terms? What have you achieved? Where are you heading? This is your chance to tell your story.

Support all the way

Content for new stakeholders

Going public means communicating with new stakeholders. Investors, analysts and business journalists have new expectations on the content of your website. We know what they are. 

Through our research and Webranking by Comprend, we find out what content is needed to satisfy your audiences, as well as the guidelines and regulations you need to follow.

Financial reports

Make the most of the high-quality content you produce throughout the year and ensure cohesive messaging by aligning your editorial calendar and your annual reporting.

We design and create reports with a screen-first approach so that your content can always take the centre stage, whether in print or online. 

Editorial strategy

Develop your brand and connect with new audiences. Consolidate your messaging and make your story heard. Increase your reach through social media and paid distribution.

Having one clear, coordinated editorial strategy for all your channels can help you consistently achieve all that and more. Read more on our content and editorial services.

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Communicating as a listed company

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