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Stay true to who you are and relevant to your audiences

Mastering brand relevancy over time drives trust and sustainable growth


Boosting long-term business results through relevant brand strategy, continuous brand development and impactful brand experiences, based on insights and understanding of market drivers. Using behavioural science, strategy, creativity and design, we transform your brand and the people who love it. 

Brand strategy

  • Brand structure for clarity and optimising the opportunities in the market
  • Architecture for master brand, sub-brand and endorsed brand, for optimised brand equity
  • Brand positioning for distinction and maxised market potential, today and tomorrow
  • Pricing as part of brand positioning and brand perception

Brand development

  • Brand core with purpose, vision and values for internal alignment and pride
  • Brand essence with clear promise to all stakeholders and guidance for decisions
  • Brand archetyping for consistent impact and tone of voice to the market
  • Brand narrative for compelling storytelling to make the brand interesting and relatable

Brand identity

  • Naming of corporate, product and place brands to perfectly reflect the brand
  • Logotypes that carry brand, heritage, name and identity
  • Corporate identity, including visual profile, tonality, sonic identity and scents
  • Office branding as a part of the consistent brand impact

Brand communication and experience

  • Internal implementation to ensure proper understanding and ambassadorship
  • External brand launch with strong communication concept for maximised impact
  • Employer branding with clear employee value proposition for recruitment and retainment
  • Brand experience concept for scalable and memorable communication in the market
  • Brand communication matrix for efficient brand messaging for all target groups

Brand governance

  • Mapping of brand governance systems identifying gaps and potential improvements
  • Structure for brand forums to become aligned and efficient in the communication
  • Review of strategies and policies to ensure brand consistency in decisions and behavior
  • Leadership training in how to engage, inspire and grow desired brand behaviour

Brand experience infinity loop

A brand experience is made up by all the touchpoints a brand has to its target groups. It is created by what the brand says - communication, and what it does - behaviour. The brand experience is very much co-created with its target groups and many brand touchpoints lay beyond the brand's control (the right side of the model).

In the brand experience infinity loop, two things should be given extra attention: pulse points where the desired brand experience is created, and gaps where brand equity is leaking out. Before creating more brand equity into the loop, potential gaps should be closed for maximum efficiency. 


The brand is seen for the first time - mentioned at a dinner party or a network event, someone accidently seeing it in an ad on social media, etc. The brand is seldom in the room or in control.


The brand has the first opportunity to portray itself the way it wants to, in owned channels like website, social media, etc. The brand is often in control. 


The brand is being evaluated against competition. Owned channels like web, sales meetings and in store appearance, but also referencing in networks. The brand is sometimes in control. 


Conversion; someone signs the job, buys the product, signs the partnership, etc. Owned channels like e-shop, physical store, personnel managers, etc. The brand is partly in control. 


The first day at work, usage of the product for the first time, driving the new car. Delivery is matched against brand promise. The brand is in control, but is not always paying attention.  


If the brand expectations are met the target groups communicate it to the world. Co-owned spaces like social media, LinkedIn, networks, industry media, etc. The brand is not in control. 


Other people, organisations and companies promote the brand, sometimes enabled by the brand in open platforms/medias. Earned or co-owned channels. The brand is not in control. 

Brand potential analysis

Through our unique study, you will find the obvious wins, the hidden gems and the pitfalls of your market. And you will climb under the surface and discover the sometimes huge difference between what your customers are saying and doing. 

This brand measurement will give you insights into:

  • Volume and price premium drivers in your market
  • If your brand is over- or under-capitalised
  • What customers say is important but doesn’t really influence them
  • Total market value, and your penetration in it
  • Untapped sales potential, reachable for you by brand investments

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