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November 07, 2023 Webranking

Swedish corporate websites are above average, but investor and career information lag behind

By: Freja Nilsson

In the twenty-seventh season of Webranking by Comprend, the Swedish companies show openness and transparency in areas such as corporate governance and company presentation on their websites. Still, there is room for improvement in other areas. Investor communication and career information are still challenges, and providing information on diversity and well-being among employees needs further attention.

In this year's Swedish Webranking list, we have ranked the 125 largest publicly traded Swedish companies and examined how well their corporate websites meet the requirements of their target audiences.

The average score for companies on the Swedish list this year is 49.1 out of 100 points, which is slightly higher than the European average score of 47 points. Finland has the highest average score of all countries, far ahead with 59.5 points.

When summarizing the Swedish results, we notice the following:
  • Corporate governance information and the About us sections are areas where Swedish companies perform best. They meet an average of 56 % and 55 % of the criteria in these categories, respectively.
  • Swedish companies are especially good at introducing their operations by clearly describing their purpose and goals, which 92 % of the ranked companies do.
  • Investor communication (such as information on risk management, financial goals, and strategy) continues to be the biggest challenge, where Swedish companies on average only meet 35 % of the criteria.
  • Even information related to press and media and career information are areas where Swedish companies need to improve. They are below the European average and face challenges in presenting information on the diversity and well-being of employees. There is also a gap in presenting flexibility and initiatives for employee well-being.
  • Swedish companies are good at explaining their sustainability strategy and its link to the overall corporate strategy. However, we see a challenge in communicating the fulfilment of their sustainability goals, where only 28 % of companies present data.

This year's top performers

Sandvik: For the second year in a row, Sandvik is the Swedish company that has scored the highest, 86.4 points, which is an increase of 4.3 points since last year. Sandvik present detailed information on sustainability, corporate governance, and about us.

This is what Björn Roodzant, Executive Vice President and Head of Group Communications and Sustainability at Sandvik, says about the top ranking:

"We are very pleased to have improved our results again this year as we know that visitors' demands are constantly increasing. In recent years, the Comprend protocol has become an important component of our web work. It gives us good insights for developing the content, not least for investors and when it comes to sustainability, which is a strategic focus area for us."

NCC: NCC has climbed one place on the Swedish list and improved their score by 3.7 points since last year. NCC continues to be strong in career information, press, and sustainability communication.

Trelleborg: Trelleborg continues to climb on the Swedish list. This year, they have climbed five places, from eighth to third place. They have also improved their score by 14.4 points. Since 2021-2022, Trelleborg has impressively risen 25 places. Trelleborg is strong in sustainability communication, career information, and about us.

Billerud this year's climber

Billerud are the Swedish company that have improved their score the most since last year, by 16.1 points. Thanks to this, they have climbed from twenty-third to fifth place.

Here's what Nicklas Poshkohani, web manager at Billerud, says about the improvement:

"Our progress is a product of our committed employees at Billerud and our strong conviction that a transparent and user-friendly website is crucial for building trust and effective communication with our visitors. We will continue to work in this direction to make our online presence even more valuable for everyone who interacts with Billerud."

Top 10

6Atlas Copco71.6
9Stora Enso67.9

See the complete Swedish results list or learn more about Webranking.

Humla Törd

Humla Törd

Head of Webranking


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Freja Nilsson

Freja Nilsson

Project Manager Webranking


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