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June 01, 2022 Webranking

Webranking 2022-2023 has started

The Webranking 2022-2023 season has started, which is the 26th Webranking season. As usual, the largest companies based on market cap have been selected. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of Webranking, which will be celebrated in different ways during the fall.

It is now possible to pre-order your own Webranking Report that gives you access to all the details about your results which will help you to improve your corporate website. Companies that are not included can also be part of the All companies list by ordering the Webranking Report.

How well does your corporate website meet stakeholder expectations?

In short, this is what Webranking is about.

  • Webranking evaluates corporate websites based on what the target groups find important to help companies improve.
  • We ask these target groups what they expect from companies like yours and their digital communications, to understand what is important.
  • Based on their responses, we define 50 core criteria which we use to assess what content a corporate website should have.
  • The largest companies in Europe are ranked to see how well they meet these stakeholder demands.

Webranking 25 years

This year, Webranking celebrates 25 years. When founded in 1997 by Staffan Lindgren and Gabriel Thulin, the communications landscape was completely different than it is today. Internet was a new phenomenon and many companies didn't even have a website at that time.

As the expectations on companies' communication are ever-changing, so is Webranking. When creating the Webranking surveys, we always try to stay on top of trends that will affect stakeholder expectations on companies' communication, both within society in general and within the communication- and technology fields.

This is the Webranking Report

Companies can gain more insight into their results with our Webranking Report – an online tool that shows results across the 50 core and an additional 50 in-depth criteria. The report also offers the option of comparing your results against those of three peers of your choice. The Webranking report is a hands-on tool that shows you where improvements need to be made, and why they are necessary, and also provides best practice examples.

When you pre-order your report before the 31st of August, the prices are 5,500 EUR for the Standard Report and 10,000 EUR for the Plus Report. From the 1st of September, the prices are 6,500 and 11,500 EUR respectively. The pre-ordered reports are delivered around mid-October.

Learn more about the Webranking report 

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